How to store cat food: some tips

How to store cat food? In this article we will answer the question by giving you some tips for keeping cat food fresh once opened Cats are very demanding animals and they love fresh food, just opened: it can therefore happen that they snub a repurposed food. Cat likes the product, but in contact with the air … Read more

Why do cats live longer than dogs?

In December 2015, the results of a research that showed why cats are longer than dogs. A fact that partly derives from behavioral aspects, linked to evolution and reproduction. In general larger animals are longer-lived also due to the fact that they are exposed to fewer dangers. “This is not a question of survival, but the … Read more

How to give medicine to a Cat

Administering a drug to a pet is always an undertaking that in some cases, such as for the dog, can be done by applying some strategies. For cats, the situation could be more complicated and certainly, the house felix will have no qualms about pulling out its claws in defense. Here are some foolproof methods, HABIT … Read more

What to do when a cat is run over

It often happens to come across animals run over. There are some times of the year when there are more risks of finding animals on the street,such as spring, mating season or at certain times such as twilight, the time of day when they begin to move to hunt for food. From a driver’s point of view, this implies … Read more

Insect bites in cats: what are the risks

With the arrival of spring and therefore of beautiful days, the cats that live both in the apartment and in the garden will have pleasure in going out and having a nice run maybe chasing some lizard or some butterfly. Cats are very curious animals and often their curiosity leads them to get into very serious … Read more

How to cool your cat from the scorching heat?

One of the major concerns in the animal world and in particular in the feline world is that relating to the problem of the scorching heat of summer. Why should such a problem plague our cat friend? Exactly because the cat hates water, which is one of the few means by which one can cool off. A cat that is … Read more

What are the causes of constipation in cats?

Constipation in cats indicates one of the most serious problems in cat health, and involves hardening of the stool within the intestinal tract leading to serious problems. Usually cats use the litter box at least once a day, so if they find themselves in the condition of not defecating they feel terrible. If they try to defecate and find themselves in this situation they … Read more

Cat in autumn, how to manage it and take care of its coat

When it comes to keeping your cat healthy and helping them enjoy life to the fullest, there are a few things to keep in mind. Autumn is a very significant time of year for our animal friends, crisp air, colorful foliage and even, depending on where you live, some snow, but it is also a … Read more

How does change of season to autumn affect cats

Autumn is coming, the cat is preparing for new changes, here’s what to know so as not to be found unprepared, to observe that everything is fine and to provide it with a little help if needed. Hair: First of all, with the arrival of cooler air, the cat’s fur becomes thicker, in preparation for winter. The cat’s seasonal … Read more