How to store cat food: some tips

How to store cat food? In this article we will answer the question by giving you some tips for keeping cat food fresh once opened

Cats are very demanding animals and they love fresh food, just opened: it can therefore happen that they snub a repurposed food. Cat likes the product, but in contact with the air or with heat sources it has changed its smell and texture, which is why it could be snubbed by the animal.

In this article we will give you some suggestions for storing different foods in order to satisfy your cat’s requests and safeguard his health.

What to do to store cat food

First of all, when purchasing food for our cat, it is good to choose the ones with the expiry date as late as possible on the shelf, to look for the “freshest” product available in the supermarket. The expiry date shown on the package is obviously indicative, but considering it is a good starting point for both canned and packaged foods.

It is also important to examine the packaging or the jar where the food is contained to verify that it does not have holes, leaks or strange swellings that could change its taste or compromise its quality and freshness. Visual analysis of the food also counts: after opening the box, bag or jar, check that the product has a good appearance and its usual smell, so as not to give the cat spoiled food.

But let’s see in detail how to proceed to maintain the freshness of dry or canned foods.

Storage of dry cat food

Exposure to air, light, sources of heat or humidity are conditions that accelerate the deterioration process of food.

To avoid altering the properties and characteristics of the food, it is advisable to keep dry foods in their original packaging: the bags in question have been designed to protect the food from this type of effects. Therefore, it is better to open the bag carefully, to be able to roll up or keep the top tightly closed with a small clothespin or clip or close the package between one use and another, avoiding the entry of air or direct contact with light.

If the package is really uncomfortable or damaged, then choose as an alternative a very thick and opaque container with an airtight cover, placing it in a cool and dry place, to keep the food in the dark and closed.

Ideally, dry food should be consumed no later than six weeks after opening the bag, so choose the most appropriate size based on our needs and the needs of the cat: favoring smaller or single-serving packs could sometimes be the solution best to maintain the freshness of the product.

The croquettes can be left out of the bowls for about 24 hours, always considering the amount of food that cat usually eats and not exaggerating in filling the bowl, in order not to risk making it become fat or worse cause obesity. In this regard, we recommend reading the article The ideal weight of a cat: how much should a cat weigh? Table by race and age, thanks to which you can get more information.

In addition, it is useful to wash the food bowls at least once a week with warm soapy water, also to prevent the cat from overturning them.

Canned Cat Food Storage

An unopened can of cat food can be kept for years if stored in a cool and dry place (always looking at the expiration date). Once openedcanned food can be stored in the refrigerator for a few days, not exceeding a maximum of 5-6 days. If you believe you will not use it in this period of time, you can freeze it by making single-serving portions to use as needed.

Also in this case, to avoid the oxidation process that could make the food rancid, it is recommended not to leave the box open but to cover the top with a film that adheres well to the edges or with specially designed silicone covers.

Finally, when you go to propose the food to cat, it is useful to take it out of the refrigerator a little earlier, so that it returns to room temperature; alternatively it can be heated slightly in the microwave, so as to make it certainly more appetizing and fragrant for our four-legged friend!

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