Cat’s eyes: characteristics and colors

Eyes of the cat, one of the aspects that most strikes the first encounter with these cats. They are mysterious, insightful, deep and inscrutable. Immediately they make us understand that we are dealing with an intelligent animal that has no intention of being fooled, that perhaps wants to cheat us, certainly wants to do the facts of … Read more

How to help Stray Cats?

Stray cats, which I always associate with the Aristocats, but their life is not always a Walt Disney fairy tale and, it must be said, it is not always easy to manage their presence in a garden or in an area where people live. not necessarily cat lovers like me. There are ways to intervene and help stray … Read more

Average life span of the cat

Average life of the cat, to be estimated and to imagine when you take a kitten with us and wonder how long it will remain to keep us company with its purr and its scratching of the sofa, with its leaps and hairs scattered everywhere, especially on sweaters from which it is difficult to remove … Read more

Cat in the garden, advice

Cat in the garden, useful tips and information on how to manage a cat outdoors or how to get it out of the house. Tips to get a cat used to life in the open air. Unlike the dog, the cat does not like the leash so it is more difficult to allow him the outdoors … Read more

Cat litter, useful tips

All the information on the cat litter box, where to throw it, which one to choose, is also good for other animals (dog, rabbits, hamster..) and above all, how to solve the problem of worms. In this article we answer all questions about the cat litter box. Where to throw it, what to do in case of worms … Read more

Found an Abandoned cat: what to do

The pygmy goat is a type of miniature domestic goat, quite resistant and which can easily acclimate to different climates and territories. In the following paragraphs we will find out more about this sheep breed. Characteristics of the pygmy goat Let’s start by discovering the characteristics of the pygmy goat. This type of goat originated from the dwarf goat of … Read more

How to make your cat lose weight: tips

Reading this title – how to make a cat lose weight – someone might think that with the arrival of summer we have gone crazy and we want not only to go on a diet but also to make the cat lose weight and mass, for aesthetic reasons. For an unlikely costume fitting. It is not so. There are situations, … Read more

Cat whiskers: what are they for

A cat’s whiskers may seem like a habit as they are to us, but that’s not the case at all. They are also called vibrissae which is an almost onomatopoeic name since they are very sensitive to the “vibrations” of the environment and soon we will understand in what sense we are using this metaphor. If you have … Read more

How to pamper your Cat?

Cuddles for cats: did you know that they also ensure relaxation for those who make them? That’s right! If you have the habit of cuddling your cat, in addition to making them happy, you will find yourself more relaxed too! The important thing is to get in tune with your cat to learn how to cuddle where … Read more

Flea collar for cats: how to choose it

Flea collar for cats: to put it on or not to put it on our independent and libertine friend? And, if necessary, which one to put? With the arrival of heat and summer holidays where your cat is sometimes free to roam in the countryside, the dilemma of the flea collar knocks on the door along with fleas and … Read more