How to cool your cat from the scorching heat?

One of the major concerns in the animal world and in particular in the feline world is that relating to the problem of the scorching heat of summer. Why should such a problem plague our cat friend? Exactly because the cat hates water, which is one of the few means by which one can cool off. A cat that is too hot and therefore overheated could suffer from heat stroke or even shock due to dehydration.

Unlike people and cats they don’t have a way to sweat and therefore it can be difficult for them to disperse the excess heat. The main techniques with which cats maintain a correct body temperature consist in not exposing themselves to the sun, not doing activities, drinking water and panting. However, none of these methods will work if the cat is forced to stay in a hot house or car without being able to escape, thus running the risk of suffering from heat stroke. We must bear in mind that there are alternative procedures to relieve heat stroke in cats. Let’s list some of them:

How to lower your cat’s body temperature

Refresh the environment where the cat lives: If we have an air conditioning system, it will be a good idea to keep it on during the hottest hours of the day. The first symptom of excess heat in our cat will be labored breathing. Many of the initiatives we take for our own comfort are also suitable for the life of the cat so we keep the blinds of the curtains closed during the hottest hours. If your cat feels too cold, keep it in a warmer room (air conditioners and fans can sometimes cool the room too cold and your cat may be irritated after a while).

Even if your cat likes to spend time outdoors, you should still keep him indoors during the hottest hours in the summer, which is between 10am and 4pmIf you do not have air conditioning, place fans in front of open windows so that the air cools and your cat can decide where to lie down, whether in front of the fan or on the floor.

How can water help in these cases?

Constant fresh water: The second fundamental rule is to leave constant fresh water available to the cat. To stay properly hydrated cats must drink at any time. Give your cat constant access to fresh water. To stay properly hydrated, cats need to be able to drink at any time. The cat has sensors in the brain that remind him when the blood is too thick and rich in salts, which is why they induce him to drink. Let’s equip ourselves with aluminum bowls and cold water. It prefers a large bowl because the cat does not like to get its whiskers around the rim. There are new bowls on the market that are shaped like a fountain and therefore have a continuous re-circulation and exchange of water.

Afternoon rest: Allow your cat to remain inactive on hot days. When it’s too hot it’s not the right time for particularly energetic games. It is not really the case to have him chase a laser light or have him grab a rope on the fly. Get him to rest as long as he wants without stressing him out. If your cat always lives outdoors, make sure there are shaded areas so that he can rest. If the cat is very hot, just refresh a towel with fresh water and he will immediately feel better. He creates a cool hiding place. You can help your cat maintain a low body temperature by giving it a dark space to retreat to when it gets too hot.

Daily hygiene first of all:  Brush the animal every day, Because the shaggy coat retains much more heat, So make sure that its coat is clean, brushed and above all knot-free. Prefer the cat’s toilet in the coolest hours of the day so that he can relax comfortably on the ground. Do not use the fur until. Lay out the skin as it could burn in the sun. Sometimes the hair acts as a thermal insulator and helps regulate the body temperature. Tousled fur retains heat, so make sure his fur is
not shaved. Do not shave his fur to the point of exposing the skin, as it could burn in the sun and, over time, develop skin cancer.

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