What is the life expectancy of cats? and how is its age calculated?

Life expectancy of a cat and calculation of its age in human years.

Do you want to know how many years your beloved cat will live? The answer depends on several criteria, as well as the fact that one year of life for a cat is not the same as one year of life for a human (for example your 15-year-old cat is about 76 years old in human age).

Average life expectancy of our felines

Case 1: the wild cat

Cats that live completely outdoors have a life expectancy of around 7 years. They are much more exposed to diseasethey have no vaccines, they have to fight to survive, they fall prey to animals like dogs that don’t like them at all.

Case 2: the cat with a house

We are talking about a common cat that does not have a particular breed but has a home; it has an average life expectancy of about 10-12 years , but it is very variable, it depends on the risks that the cat takes when he hunts or runs after the cats …

The neutered cat is much more likely to live longer, on average 15 years due to the fact that it takes less risk to reproduce.
Case 3: the apartment cat

The apartment acts are distinguished from house cats as the latter generally enter and leave the house, they spend most of their time in the garden where they often also find a shelter for the night. The apartment cat generally has a much better chance of living longer, between 15 and 20 years. They are generally well cared for, vaccinated, follow a regular diet (even if they sometimes incur obesity due to lack of physical activity and greed). Hence the importance of playing with them, preferring games that force them to run, and of measuring their food.

Attention. I would like to draw your attention to a particular case: the housecat who is suddenly given the opportunity to go out. This cat will probably not live beyond 4 years because it is not used to this difficult life and will become easy prey for other animals.
Case 4: the purebred cat

The life expectancy of purebred cats is slightly lower than that of European cats but varies according to the breed in question. The longest lifetimes have been observed in the sacred cat of Burma, the British shorthair and the Main Coon, while the Siamese and the ragdoll have a life expectancy below the average of purebred cats.

The oldest cat in the world and very long-lived cats

The oldest cat in the world, CREME PUFF, was 38 years old, lived in the United States, died in 2005, at the human age of 160!

Crem ePuff is not the only one to have had a particularly long life:

Moun, another cat was 34 when he died. He was a Carthusian cat. In his last years of life it was necessary to let him live on a mattress because his bones were totally fragile and crumbled at the slightest impact.

Scooter, is a Siamese cat, turned 30 on May 9, 2016, lives in Texas, is still alive! He has had a busy life, he has visited 45 states with his owner, he loves chicken and baths!

Sarah, 33, lived in New Zealand, was adopted at 20, lived in her new family for another 13 years, died of a heart attack.

Velvet, 26, lived in Oregon, was adopted at 7, had a beautiful life full of love and freedom because his mistress allowed him to do what he wanted.
In summary, with the exception of the exceptions, the average life expectancy of a cat is around 15 years. Many of these live even beyond. One third of cats are over 12 years old, 18% are over 16 years old.
Today, vets have cats over 20 years old in their patients.

In most cases, long-lived cats are spoiled by their owner: they take care of them when they are sick, they are attentive to their needs, they look after them, they feed them properly, and they especially love themHere is a good recipe to make your cat happy and allow him to live a long time. Furthermore, advances in veterinary science also allow our cats to live longer.

How old is your cat in human age?

Here is a scale of comparison between the age of the cat and the human age

1 month -> 10 months
3 months -> 7 years
6 months -> 9 years
1 year -> 16 years
2 years -> 24 years
3 years -> 28 years
4 years -> 32 years
5 years -> 36 years
6 years -> 40 years
7 years -> 44 years
8 years -> 48 years
9 years -> 52 years
10 years -> 56 years
11 years -> 60 years
12 years -> 64 years
13 years -> 68 years
14 years-> 72 years
15 years -> 76 years
16 years -> 80 years
17 years -> 84 years
18 years -> 88 years
19 years -> 94 years
20 years -> 100 years

And so on… after 18 years, we add 6 human years for each year of the cat. For a cat of 21, 22 or 23 we will have 106, 112, 118 years.

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