How to be a cat breeder

Many cat lovers would like to make their passion a way of life, but they do not know how to be a breeder of purebred cats. At Petlifey, we give you the best advice and how you should do it if you are interested in dedicating yourself to the responsible reproduction of purebred cats. How to be a cat breeder Before you … Read more

Cat breeding

If you have made the decision to breed cats, you should know that it is not something you should take lightly. You have to be very clear about certain ethical and moral standards to raise perfectly healthy kittens with the right temperament. At Petlifey we give you some tips if you have decided on the world of cat breeding. Ethics … Read more

Caring for a new born kitten without a mother

If for any reason you have a new born cat at home that does not have its mother, it is essential that you offer it a lot of attention and all possible care so that it grows healthy and strong. At Petlifey, we explain how to take care of a new born cat without a mother so that in this way you … Read more

How long is a cat’s pregnancy

If you are thinking of making your cat ride and have new kittens in your home, it is very likely that you want to know the gestation time of a cat. Or maybe your cat is already pregnant and you want to know when the new puppies will arrive. At Petlifey, we explain how long a cat’s pregnancy lasts, whether … Read more

Origin of the domestic cat

Know what is the origin of the domestic cat. This pet accompanies its owners in millions of houses around the world. It is loved and loved for its peculiar behaviour and special character. At Petlifey, we explain what animal it comes from, how it has evolved, how the cat was domesticated and the history of the domestic cat . Character of the domestic cat … Read more

How to tell the age of a cat

Knowing the age of a cat is essential to know what care and type of feeding the kitten needs. If it has not been with you since it was born, either because you have met them on the street or you have adopted them, it is not easy to know how old a cat is. How to tell the … Read more

Pet Therapy with Cats

Cats are considered a “balm for the soul”. Anyone lucky enough to live with an animal knows this perfectly well: pets have the extraordinary ability to improve our mood . And this is why for some time now dogs, horses and lately also cats have been used in the so-called pet therapy . But how can cats help in pet therapy , and … Read more


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