How to give medicine to a Cat

Administering a drug to a pet is always an undertaking that in some cases, such as for the dog, can be done by applying some strategies. For cats, the situation could be more complicated and certainly, the house felix will have no qualms about pulling out its claws in defense.

Here are some foolproof methods,


To make the cat less aggressive when he takes a tablet, it is important to accustom him from a puppy to being picked up and maneuvered, imitating the gesture, such as that with which he opens his mouth and with which a tablet is administered. As a puppy, the cat will learn the gestures of the owner and not fear them.


The maneuver suggested by veterinarians is to take the cat’s head with one hand and then lift its lips. With this gesture, the cat will be led to open its mouth. At this point, lift the cat’s head, bringing it backwards and with the finger of the other hand, drop the pill into the throat, behind the cat’s tongue. Let go, keep your mouth closed for a few moments, gently massaging the outer part of the throat, to stimulate him to swallow.


Among the alternative methods, there are also some strategies to get around the cat: insert the tablet in an appetizing morsel such as a slice of cooked ham, in a piece of cheese. Sometimes there are some more crafty specimens who will avoid eating the tablet, carefully cleaning the tidbit and leaving the medication. Here it is then suggested to crush the tablet and mix the powder with a little butter. Take the butter / drug mixture and with a finger pass it in the final and inner part of the lips. In this way, the cat will be forced to lick and swallow the mixture.

Finally, as suggested for the dog, reduce the tablet to powder, diluting it with a little water. Draw up the water with an insulin-type syringe, without a needle. Place the syringe in the corner of your lips and inject the water. The cat will be prompted to swallow and therefore to take the drug.

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