Tips for Cat Owners

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How to strengthen the cat’s immune systemTips for cat gut care
The cat does not sleep well at night: tips for a peaceful sleepHow to keep your cat active and cool this summer: many ideas
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The cat has cold paws: the possible reasonsExcessive heat in summer: 5 symptoms of cat dehydration not to be underestimated
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Why does my cat crawl its butt on the ground like dogs?The cat is self-harming: why it hurts itself and how to intervene’
Insect bites in cats: what are the risks and what to doThe cat bites its own tail: causes and how to solve this problem
Cat sun protection: when cream is really neededTips for the summer with the cat let’s think about his safety and happiness
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Signs of good health in catsThe cat eats a bedbug: what to do, the risks
Exercise for cats: how much do they need and how to do it bestInjuries to the tail of the cat
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How to cuddle the cat: what to do and not to doCastration of the cat: when it is necessary, risks and consequences
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Vaccinations for catsThose who have a cat are less likely to have a heart issues: science says so
The Cat got Electrocuted: risks and what to do to helpCat parasites in spring
How to clean a house with many catsThe cat eats plastic: why it does it and how we can help
Cleaning your cat’s bed: how to take care of its hygieneNon-poisonous plants for cats: which ones you can keep at home
The cat swallowed the rope: what to doThe difference between wild and domestic cats: characteristics and behavior
Diseases transmitted from cats to humansThe old cat is cold: this is what needs to be done
How to help an elderly cat live old age to the fullestElderly cat: the three stages of old age and what to expect
Natural remedies for the care of the elderly catNatural remedies for colds in cats: how to cure them naturally
Blind cat: how to take care of itReiki on cats: all the benefits for animals
Cat litter allergy: causes, symptoms and remediesHow to protect stray cats from the cold
Toxic substances that can poison the catCat feces: how they should be and what they tell us
The cat meows strangely: possible reasonsHow to play with your senior cat: ideas and tips
Protecting the cat from sudden changes in temperature: tips and remediesCat flatulence: causes, symptoms and treatment
Three-legged cat: how to take care of itAromatherapy for cats: for health and well-being
Foreign body in the cat’s eye: treatment and remedies for corneal lesionsForeign body ingested by the cat: symptoms and what to do
Cat care after neutering: attention for the male and femaleWeight loss cat: causes and what to do
Cat pads: how they are made and what they are forHow to take care of your cat in the fall
Cats with flattened snouts: the problems of brachycephalicsCat’s paws: all the features and how to take care of them
How to clean a cat’s wound: suitable products and methodsSigns that tell you that cat is in pain
The harm of secondhand smoke for catsIs bleach bad for your cat?
Deworming the cat: why to do it, how to proceed and what is it forObesity in cats: the risks, causes and symptoms
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Third eyelid of the cat: what it is and when it becomes a problemCats Suffer From Summer Heat: How To Help Them And Prevent Heatstroke
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Sterilizing the cat: advantages, timing and useful tipsPlants dangerous for cats: outdoor and ornamental
Vaccines for cats: the necessary ones, the optional ones, times and costsVaccinations of cats: what they fight and how often to get them
How to tell if your cat is sick: 8 signs not to be underestimatedAre cats better off indoors or outdoors
Cat suffers from the cold: how to protect it in winterWhat is the life expectancy of cats? and how is its age calculated?
How does change of season to autumn affect catsCat in autumn, how to manage it and take care of its coat
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Insect bites in cats: what are the risksWhat to do when a cat is run over
How to give medicine to a CatWhy do cats live longer than dogs?
How to store cat food: some tipsFlea collar for cats: how to choose it
How to pamper you Cat?Cat whiskers: what are they for
How to make your cat lose weight: tipsFound an Abandoned cat: what to do
Cat litter, useful tipsCat in the garden, advice
Average life span of the catHow to help Stray Cats?
Cat’s eyes: characteristics and colorsCats colors and genetics
Footprint of the catCats as a gift
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Lost your cat: how to act to try to find it as soon as possible?