The 16 most affectionate cat breeds

The 16 most affectionate cat breeds
The 16 most affectionate cat breeds

Are there more affectionate cats than others? The truth is that each cat is different, regardless of whether or not they are of breed.

What is true is that there are certain breeds, which have been found to have a closer and more affectionate character.

The body language of cats is very sophisticated, they express their mood with signals such as; wagging its tail, whiskers or ears, ruffling its fur, or perhaps emitting a simple purr.

These are just some of the signs that the cat is in friendly mode.

Affectionate cat breeds

Only those who have a cat know that this animal can become the most affectionate pet. Although, “each cat is a world”, we have selected 16 most affectionate breeds of cats, which will fill your house with love, and you will discover, the fascination that the wonderful feline world hides! 

Norwegian Forest

The Norwegian Forest breed, thanks to its origin, has a very wild appearance, but that does not prevent it from being very friendly and sociable, although it also proves to be a bit reserved and isolated with strangers, it is only a matter of time before it can enter in confidence.

Despite its wild and cold appearance, it is a cat that does not like to be alone, therefore, it enjoys the company of other members of the home or the environment. It is a very territorial cat.

Roman Cat

The Roman cat or (European Shorthair) is a good option if you want an affectionate pet that you can share with the whole family, this breed can relate well even with small children when it comes to playing and having fun.

Although it is usually suspicious and distrustful of strangers and even other cats. These cats are; very playful, active, intelligent and they adapt easily to any place, be it home or apartment. They are also usually shy and also have a great hunting instinct.

Siamese Cat

The Siamese cat is another of the breeds of affectionate cats, which show a lot of attachment and affection with the family that lives, also expresses a lot of respect and patience when living with children.

This is one of the cats that eagerly wishes for your arrival and waits for you at the door to greet you when you return from work. You can see this breed of Siamese cat anywhere in the world.

Living with a Siamese will guarantee you to enjoy good times, thanks to its great ability to show affection, it is a breed with a lively and curious temperament, very intelligent and capable of expressing many of its emotions with the people around it.

Russian blue

The Russian blue cat is sweet and loyal, it accompanies its owner everywhere, awaits its arrival at the door, expresses affection not only to the owner but to other members of the family.

Despite being social, they sometimes enjoy solitude and tranquillity as they seek a secluded and private place to rest, and they tend to isolate themselves in large gatherings.

They are also playful and will always demand your attention, time to play, because they are intelligent it is necessary to always encourage mental stimulation without forgetting physical ones as well, they have a strong hunting instinct and are very observant.

Persian cat

The Persian cat is one of the favorites for physical appearance thanks to its long and soft coat, but it is also one of the favourites when it comes to loving and calm cats.

It is ideal for those quiet families who want a pet with a relaxed lifestyle. This is a very docile, attached and sweet cat, as well as sleepy and extremely calm as we already mentioned.

The Persian cat is very conceited and loves that its owner takes time to comb its beautiful fur. So if you are one of the people who enjoys grooming a cat, the Persian is perfect for you!

Maine Coon Cat

This popular breed of American cat in the list of the top most affectionate cats, the Maine Coon cat is extremely social and affectionate with family members, especially with the smallest of the house. Also, it gets along well with other pets.

The character of the Maine Coon is very friendly, playful and sweet. It is generally one of the most sociable cats, who enjoys the company of its owner, with this cat you will have a faithful companion everywhere. They will always have a special affinity with someone within the family. Will it be you

Singapura Cat

Among the most affectionate cats, the Singapura breed is another that shows a lot of affection, has a balanced temperament, loves to play and attract attention and feel loved by its family, it is very outgoing, sometimes cloying, and friendly. It interacts very well with other animals, and people are special with children.

Another characteristic of its personality is being a fairly adventurous cat, so it is best to keep up-to-date vaccination control and always monitor its location when it is outdoors. Being very independent, it does not suffer from stress when it is alone and if it does not have any company, it knows how to enjoy that tranquillity.

Oriental Cat

The peculiarity of the personality and physical appearance of the Oriental cat, made it a very beloved breed, these cats are very cuddly, with a sweet character, although they demand a lot of attention, and they do not like loneliness.

They are very faithful and loyal animals, sociable and curious and very playful, although superb. They share some characteristics of Siamese cats, especially facial features.

The oriental cat will be very happy with the family, it leads a quiet life, but it enjoys and needs moments of play, and a lot of attention, although it is also very independent.

Bombay Cat

This breed is another of the most affectionate cats, which are characterized by being very docile animals, quite calm, they are the kind that are willing to give and receive affection and caresses all day long.

Another characteristic that these cats have and which is also very peculiar, is that it is very rare for them to meow.

Not only does its appearance make it stand out, but it is also an honorary member of the love cat lists , since it relates perfectly to all those who live at home and those who constantly visit it and it adapts very easily to all environments.

Ragamuffin Cat

The Ragamuffin cat is a breed that stands out for its size and personality since it is a very playful and peaceful feline, it gets along very well with the little ones in the house and with other pets.

Sometimes it is difficult for them to defend themselves from other animals thanks to its calm temperament. This is one of the cats that take the longest to mature and reach adulthood, they take 3 to 4 years which makes it an eternal playful cat.

Sphynx Cat

Despite its very unusual appearance, this breed of Sphynx or Sphinx cat is loved. Its nature is friendly, warm and playful. At all times it seeks to touch you to receive some warmth and feel wrapped up.

It does not like being alone at all and it loves company, a quality that makes it very easy to live with them. It gets along well with the little ones at home and with the other pets.

It will express its joy to you with its acrobat jumping skills since it performs pirouettes and jumps when it is very happy, it is loyal and mischievous, but also dependent, intelligent and curious as a child.

Scottish fold Cat

The Scottish Fold cat looks just as adorable as its personality, thanks to its ears folded down and forward. It is a friendly, nice, and sweet cat, easily adapted.

It is homey and enjoys being quietly at home, in general it is a very docile cat that interacts very well with other pets, people and children. This cat delights in receiving affection and caresses.

Munchkin Cat

This feline is very active and playful , who likes to run and jump everywhere, so seeing this cat climb, climb, jump and slide through the most hidden corners of the house is normal.It is a very affectionate and loving breed of cats , who do not like to be alone, they get along perfectly well with children and other pets. He’s very smart, alert, and curious, so he spends his time exploring and learning new things.

Bengal Cat

The Asian Leopard cat served as inspiration to give rise to the Bengali breed, since this miniature leopard is one of the most affectionate specimens with a very sociable and fun character.

As a result, Bengalis are characterized by being extremely placid and sociable, playful and very peaceful.

The Bengali cat perfectly shares with other cat breeds, and other pets. They are very energetic, talkative, affectionate and mischievous cats. They are used to living inside a house or apartment. Despite being very active and restless, they also like to sleep for a long time.

Korat Cat

The Korat cat is very attractive thanks to its temperament, since it is an extremely calm and affectionate feline. It relates very well to people at home, it demands a lot of caresses, affection and attention.

The only counterpart is that it is not very sociable with other animals and children, it will not need education and time to learn to live with them.

This breed adapts easily to a house or apartment, is talkative and will let you know with insistent meows when it needs your attention.

British shorthair Cat

The temperament of the British Shorthair cat is affectionate, sociable, it interacts well with adults and children, and with other animals, it can become the perfect company for everyone who lives at home. It is very loyal and extremely attached, which is overwhelming at times.

Another characteristic of the affectionate cat breeds is that it is very playful and cheerful. The British Shorthair is a pet that demands a lot of affection, dedication, and good socialization, in addition this British short-haired specimen can become a perfect company for anyone.

The vast majority of domestic cats are affectionate felines, but there are cat breeds in which this characteristic stands out. There are many gentle and sweet cat breeds that exist, so many are not only favourites for being affectionate but for their beauty.

Cats have always had a bad reputation for being very independent and detached pets, but the truth is that many of the people who have lived with cats, flatly deny this statement. The important thing is really getting to know the cat and interact with it.

Remember that each cat is different, some of these affectionate breeds accompany you even when you go to the bathroom, they wake you up at midnight to play, they ride on your legs or by your side while you watch television, they purr 24 hours a day and wait for your return from work at the door.

Everything will depend on the personality and character of the particular cat. Finally, remember that both a common cat and the 16 breeds described above are affectionate cat breeds.

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