Siamese cat: appearance, character, care, breeding

Very attached to his owner, he is a very active and playful cat

All the characteristics of the Siamese cat, the advice for its breeding and tips on the character of a playful cat, with an unmistakable appearance.

The Siamese cat is one of the few to be recognized by almost everyone, with its characteristic light eyes and the extremities of the body that are a shade darker than the coat.

According to some, this cat also manages to communicate well with its owner, modulating the tone and rhythm of its meow. It is also not uncommon to be able to bring it on a leash, as if it were a small dog.

Siamese cat: the story

The Siamese cat is descended from the Thai cat and is originally from Siam (ancient name of Thailand). It arrived in Europe quite late, in 1880, when the king of Siam gave two couples to the English consul. It first appeared in a London exhibition just the following year.

This cat was not much appreciated at home by the people, as cats with spotted coats were preferred. On the contrary, nobles and princesses loved its elegant appearance and sinuous body. A legend even tells that the shape of the long thin tail was used by princesses to put on rings. The ancient temples are full of Siamese cats, considered as tireless guardians of the vases, full of precious gems.

The breed underwent numerous selections over the following years, up to the 1960s. In fact, the species we know today has a lighter coat and a less rounded face than its ancestors.

Siamese cat appearance and size

The Siamese cat has some oriental traits, starting with the almond-shaped cut of its blue eyes. Legs and tail are long and thin, the head is triangular in shape. The coat is not long, but very close to the skin. It is a medium-sized species, the female weighs a maximum of 4 kg, while the male weighs up to 5 kg.

Generally the colors of the hair range from white to cream with darker areas (the points) in the area of ​​the legs, tail, ears and mask.

The color of the points depends on the temperature of the environment in which the animal grew up: if it comes from a warm area, the points will be lighter, on the contrary they will be particularly dark.

However, there are 4 basic points: the Seal point is the best known and most widespread and is characterized by dark points and a light background coat. The Chocolate Point  is cocoa colored, the Blue point is  blue / grey and finally the Lilac Point has lilac / pink points.

Siamese cat character

The character of the Siamese cat is very particular, so much so that it is often said that it is not a cat for everyone. This type of feline is very attached to its owner, in a dependent and possessive way. He does not like strangers, nor other cats, but goes out of his way to spend his time with the chosen one of the family.

If you want a kitten to cuddle, that is nice and quiet on the sofa, you should give up. The Siamese loves to play, jump, meow, is particularly excited and fills the atmosphere in the house. For this reason you will need to equip yourself with scratching posts, balls and as many objects as can stimulate him, helping him to release tension.

Siamese cat care and breeding

The Siamese cat is easily trainable, but needs care and attention. You need to check your diet, which must be low in carbohydrates and high in protein. Basically it is a very greedy animal and if left to feed alone, it risks becoming obese.

The hair must be polished from time to time, removing the already dead one. The ears also need continuous care, being prone to otitis. Veterinary visits must be frequent, because it is a poor cat .

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