Most beautiful Cat breeds in the world

Most beautiful Cat breeds in the world
Most beautiful Cat breeds in the world

Pretty cats are two words that describe an eminently subjective concept.

It is normal for us to think that the most beautiful cats in the world are the ones we own. As lovers of these felines, we are not going to discuss this consideration, it sure is. Nor do we want you to think that breeds are the only option, if you are going to adopt a cat. 

However, we want to name some cat breeds that stand out for their originality and beauty, which can be valued as examples of what the beauty of these animals can mean.

If some of them occur in the same animal, it is normal for those who study their physical features to take them into account when looking for photos of beautiful cats or trying to justify which is the most beautiful cat in the world.

The most beautiful cats in the world?

Next we are going to review the 13 most beautiful cats on the planet (after your cats), so we invite you to join us.

In the images of these pretty cats, you will have access to more information about them. Keep reading.

Maine Coon

The Maine Coon is an animal whose ancestors come from the Norwegian forests, where they interbred with the wildcats. They are characteristic for being one of those that have a greater weight, which is why there are those who relate them to the Turkish Angoras. It is a giant cat that has a spectacular bearing, which has made it highly valued in feline beauty contests.


The width of its face and the variety of colors of its fur make it one of the most aristocratic cats and whose pedigree is most considered . In addition, the hair of the Persian cat is very silky, abundant and shiny. On the other hand, they like to rest a lot and their character is very calm , so they seem like sofa tigers.


Its exoticism makes it resemble Ocelots or leopards. It is a cat with fine, soft hair and a very particular pattern in the form of rosettes. These can have different shapes and sizes, depending on their distribution. With green eyes and deep gaze, the Bengal cat is both affectionate and independent.


They come from Turkey and their origin is ancient. Its hair is soft, white and long. They are elegant and have a honey-colored look. They emerge from their inner world, to be close and very cuddly. The Angora Cat is one of the most admired in the world, for its beauty.

Russian blue

A very intelligent animal characterized by its short, silver hair, which gives it a velvety image. It is an animal with a slender and elongated complexion, which allows it to be agile and athletic. The look of the Russian Blue will not leave you indifferent.


A natural genetic mutation, maintained a posteriori through selective crosses, has made possible the consolidation of the Munchkin as the cat with smaller legs than usual. However, this trait, which has become a reference, does not imply that they will be less agile for their usual actions. You can find it with all colors and patterns.


It is a very homey and peaceful animal. In fact, its name, in English, means ‘ rag doll ‘. When you hug the Ragdoll cat, it relaxes its muscles so much that it becomes practically inert. It comes from selective crosses between Angoras and Burmese cats.


It comes from the eastern parts of Russia. It is believed to have descended from the cross between a wild cat from the Siberian forests and a wild cat. Its semi-long and waterproof coat, of a brindle color, has made it possible to survive for a millennium in the Siberian bush. The Siberian cat is undoubtedly strong and temperamental.

Devon rex

Its appearance is recent and takes us to England in the sixties of the last century. We highlight the Devon Rex for its short coat and prone to curls. The greatness of the ears, compared to his head, is very striking. Likewise, the oval eyes are also large and deep.


We can define it as a Persian cat that has the coloration of a Siamese and its blue eyes. It has an imposing bearing and the Himalayan cat is large in size. A nice and affectionate cat .


It comes from Africa and stands out for its slenderness provided by its body structure and fine coat. It has an elegant bearing and its way of walking is very particular. The Abyssinian stands out for its almond-shaped eyes and smooth, bronze fur.

Norwegian Forest

This name already refers us to the Scandinavian forests, where it is assumed that Southern European and Near Eastern cats migrated and crossed. The Norwegian Forest has a dense coat, which allowed them to survive in cold environments and a certain hostility.


The origin of the Nebelung is relatively recent and refers us to the United States of the eighties of the twentieth century. The particular cross was that of a Russian blue male and a female who carried the gene for long hair. Its appearance is elegant and its main difference from the Russian blue cat is that, in this case, its coat is long.

Pictures of pretty cats?

If you want to take a look at some, among which is the most beautiful cat in the world, we advise you to visit our cats breeds section, where you will not only discover beautiful photos of cats, but you will also be able to access the best information about each of them, below. In short, if you like beautiful cats , do not miss the opportunity to delve into those that we have presented to you, but we also invite you to discover their incredible diversity. Each of them is unique.

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