The most intelligent Cat breeds

The most intelligent Cat breeds
The most intelligent Cat breeds

Are there breeds of cats more intelligent than others? What would these cat breeds be? Here are some conclusions that help shed light on these doubts.

Intelligence in cats

Referring to the intelligence of cats may not be as enlightening as the reader expects. Keep in mind that there are no such types of tests, such as those carried out with people, that allow to establish a graduation of intelligence. Tests such as those for measuring IQ .

It is not easy, therefore, to check which cats are the most intelligent. Studies have been carried out for these purposes, but their results have not been excessively satisfactory. 

For example, we know the one who discovered that they were less skilful than dogs at solving puzzles, since they were not able to ask for help in these contexts, which dogs did.

These felines are intelligent, but we cannot measure their capabilities in the same way that we do with humans. They learn by observation and imitation and have a memory about actions.

Are there breeds of cats smarter than others?

Therefore, given the difficulty of assessing which cats are the most clever in a complete way, we are left with the possibility of checking and even recording what skills some of them show in a significant way. Consequently, they will be symptoms that will determine, to a greater or lesser extent, the intelligence of these felines.

Sociability of cats

Social skills are important. Cats, being very independent and territorial animals, do not need to spend too much time in relation to other living beings.

Adaptation to the environment

Just as the ability to memorize important day-to-day routines (eating, toileting, etc.) demonstrates a cat’s potential for learning, their ability to overcome the changes that occur in them will also be essential to time to see how they incorporate new teachings into their regular chores.

Domestication and training

Cats can disregard some learning that is provided to them. Due to their memory of other experiences and their autonomous spirit, it is not surprising that they ignore some orders

This circumstance does not imply that they are less savvy, but that they are not attracted to certain specific instructions. When these facts occur, we advise that it be the master who changes training methods.

The most intelligent breeds of cats

The concept of race, in the world of cats, comes from the middle of the last century and is linked to competitions in which the most fascinating of these animals were exhibited. Many have a geographical origin and others depend on physical traits , some of them enhanced by the crosses made by breeders.

The difficulties discussed in quantifying cat intelligence also complicate the task of specifying which breeds of cats are the most intelligent.

It is more feasible, for example, to check which specimens show greater dexterity and social interactivity with humans. Without going any further, there is evidence that the Siamese, Burmese, Angoras and Abyssinians have been revealed as especially alert and sociable animals, but also, the common cat.

In the following lines we present some of the most outstanding ones:

European Common Cat

As its name indicates, it is one of the breeds with the most presence in our societies. The Roman cats (also called so) stands out for its audacity and sociability, but also for its strength, health and longevity, in a way, justified by the strength of their immune system.

Among the common cats, the black cat is especially skilful and alert, sometimes somewhat fearful, but very affectionate towards those it trusts (sometimes it is not easy to gain their trust), possibly because it has been persecuted for years. and extermination and the survivors of those times, were the strongest and at the same time cautious.

Siamese cat

The Siamese cats are very curious, what makes them be very demanding in their interactions with humans. They will be too, especially when it comes to memorizing daily routines. Siamese twins are said to be able to modulate their meow, depending on the degree of trust they have with their humans.

Bombay Cat

This animal, with elegant physical features and less known than other cats (in fact, it looks like a panther cat ), is calm and very friendly, so it will make good friends even with dogs. A particularly sociable and receptive cat, which manages to fill the family home with calm.

Abyssinian Cat

It is an animal that grows strong in family contexts, with a great capacity for empathy . It is said that they are able to determine the mood of their humans, especially when they are not well and cheer them up, through their inseparable company at those times. The Abyssinian is possibly one of the cats with more remote origins, as a breed.

Bengal cat

It is perhaps the cat whose behaviour is most reminiscent of that of a dog, which is usually very grateful for certain people. Therefore, it will not be difficult for the Bengal cat to get along with these animals.

You will be able to play with them and it will be more willing than other pets of his species to offer and receive pampering and desire to play.

Maine Coon Cat

This long-haired cat has a very sweet character and you will like to know that it adapts perfectly to the environment in which it lives. Despite being one of the largest cats in the world, its soft meow is a clear example of its docile demeanour .

He is also one of the most observant and patient cats out there. The Maine Coon is undoubtedly a strong and free-spirited cat, which adapts very well to colder climates.

Turkish Van Cat

It is a rather atypical long-haired cat. As for his Turkish Van temperament, you will be struck by how active he is, which makes them very playful and curious.

They do not usually show, for example, fear of getting into the water, which they do with others of their kind. It has, on the other hand, an inclination to leadership, which is shown when he takes part in a group.

Oriental Cat

It is considered the talking cat. It likes to communicate with hoarse meows, which he often modulates to make more guttural sounds.

Its strong personality and vivacity make him a cat that will always be aware of its humans. Oh, and another quality that makes them unique, the oriental cat  is very curious and tenacious, if something gets into their head, they won’t stop until they get it .

Persian cat

It is an animal that, just as it adapts well to routines, has a special ability to adjust to changes that occur. Consequently, these circumstances do not make you lose the good harmony that you can achieve with those around you.

It likes to be pampered and without a doubt, he can be one of the most conceited cats, but be careful, if you behave badly with him, the Persian cat will take it into account. You don’t forget bad behaviour towards them, easily.

In short, although it is difficult to point out which are the most intelligent breeds of cats, we have provided you with some keys so that you learn to identify the most skilful behaviours of these fascinating animals.

In reality, each and every one of the cats is special and they all retain that free and feline spirit, which makes them unique. Although some may have some more developed qualities, it cannot be said that there are some races more intelligent than others.

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