Scottish Fold Cat: appearance, character, care, breeding

A docile and calm breed of cats, particularly suited to apartment living

The Scottish Fold cat is really cuddly

The Scottish Fold cat is a cat suitable for apartment living, which is affectionate with everyone. Here’s everything you need to know about him.

The Scottish Fold cat, from the name itself, is of Scottish origin. Fold instead stands for “folded” and takes up the typical peculiarity of this breed, the downward ears. It is a docile breed, which shows a peaceful coexistence at home with everyone.

Let’s go to better understand what are the physical and temperamental characteristics of the breed.

Scottish Fold cat origins

The first evidence of the presence of this cat in Scotland dates back to 1961. It was a family of ranchers who noticed the strange folded ears of a white kitten. This was crossed with a British Shorthair from which the first progenitor of the breed was born. It was 1966.

This characteristic was maintained in the following generations, since it is linked to a dominant gene . Unfortunately, over the years, numerous health problems came to light , so crossbreeding continued in order to strengthen the breed.

In 1987 the long-haired variety, the Highland fold, was also officially introduced , born from the crosses between the Exotich and the Persian.

Scottish Fold cat appearance

The typical feature of this breed is the presence of downward curved ears, small and well fitting. The head is round, the eyes are large and set well apart. The body is well muscled, it is a medium sized cat, quite agile.

The male weighs 5-6 kg, while the female is much smaller and does not exceed 4 kg. Looking at him, he looks like a rather chubby cat.

The coat is blue, gray blue , black, white and cream. then there are the tabby tortie and smoke varietiesIt has a thick undercoat which increases its softness to the touch.

The tail is very thick and of medium length. The legs are round and well planted on the ground.

Scottish Fold cat character

With a sociable and affable temperament, it is a cat that needs constant attention, because it does not like solitude. He loves playing with children and adults, he also relates to other cats in a peaceful way. He immediately became attached to the family that adopted him, showing himself faithful and winning the sympathies of all.

It meows a lot, so take this into account if you live in a condominium. If left indoors he is very respectful, but when he wanders outside he shows all his hunting skills. He enjoys taking small items and hiding them. Overall though, he is well mannered and never does any damage around the house.

He participates in a present way in family life and does not disdain to be taken on vacation with his pet carrier. For him, the important thing is to be in company and not feel abandoned. It is not uncommon for you to find him lying on the sofa sleeping, perhaps near a source of heat.

Scottish Fold cat cure

The Scottish Fold cat requires special care, not only for its coat , but also for its ears, which must be periodically cleaned to avoid nasty infections . However, it should be noted that this particular conformation does not increase the probability of getting sick compared to other breeds.

During the moulting period it is necessary to brush it well , at least 3-4 times a week , to avoid finding the apartment full of hair.

Price and farms

The price depends on many factors, first of all on the pedigree and the genetic lineage. Generally the cost ranges from  947 to 1183.75 USD, quite high when compared to other specimens.

If you want a pet cat and have no claims in terms of pedigree, remember that it is always possible to adopt a cat. A generous gesture that will reward you every day.

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