Bombay Cat: appearance, character, care, breeding

Its name betrays Asian origins, but it actually comes from Kentucky.

The Bombay cat loves relaxation and the comfort of home

Bombay Cat: with its black coat, here is an apartment cat, a lover of silence and the comforts of home. How much do you know about this breed?

The Bombay cat looks similar to that of a small panther common in Bombay, India, from which it takes its name. Actually don’t be fooled, this is a breed of US origin.

The Bombay is a loyal animal, affectionate with its owners and suitable for apartment life. He will keep you company on the sofa every evening, snuggling up next to you in the warmth. But beware of houses that are too noisy: they do not like loud sounds and could get anxious.

The story of the Bombay cat

This cat breed was born from a series of experiments undertaken by the American breeder Nikki Horner from Kentucky.

His goal was to create a short-haired, panther-like, light-eyed variety of black cat.

For his crosses, which began in 1953, he took into consideration the Burnese and the American Shorthair. Only in 1960 were the first results, until it was not recognized as a breed in its own separate in 1970.

Bombay cat appearance

Often called the ” parlor panther “, the main feature of this feline is the presence of a shiny black coat in contrast to the copper or gold eyes.

It is a medium-sized cat ,muscular, but slender and agile. The weight of the Bombay cat can reach up to 5 kg in the case of males, while the females are smaller, we speak of 2-3 kg.

The hair is short and initially light in color: it becomes dark only with sexual maturity. The legs are thin and the feet round, the tail is long and bushy. The head is rounded, as are the eyes, very large. The ears are set well apart, with a rounded tip.

The gait is typical of a guarded feline and this also contributes to the elegance of the breed.

Bombay cat character

The character of Bombay is very particular: if you work all day, perhaps it is worth considering what to do. He does not like to spend hours in solitude and needs the physical proximity of his masters. It adapts to coexistence with dogs, while it is very suspicious if there are other cats.

He has fun with the children, but as long as they are not too noisy. He gets scared easily and if he hears sudden sounds he goes on alert. It meows rarely, while it is common for it to purr. Despite its physical appearance reminiscent of wild animals, everything can be said except that this cat is able to juggle like a skilled hunter.

Rather it is a very lazy breed, fond of relaxation and not too smart. So if you raise him at home, he will be more than grateful and reward you with his loyalty.

Bombay cat breeding and care

There are recognized farms in Italy and the United States . We always suggest you to make sure of the reliability of the facility you are contacting and to check that vaccines and documents are in order .

This cat tends to live very long, even up to 20 years. It does not require special care, with the exception of the coat, which in order to be always shiny requires the necessary brushing.

You just have to pay attention to his diet: being greedy, he could suffer from diabetes and overweight . The diet must be balanced, with the right balance of meat and vegetables. If you opt for the dry, try to always get products of brands with a good reputation.

Bombay cat price

We will always reiterate that adopting a cat is the best solution, especially for cats. But for those who want a Bombay cat, these are the things to know. The price of the Bombay is between $1400 and $2100.

It depends on several factors and the purity of the breed. Surely it is not a cat within everyone’s reach and perhaps this too has contributed to its scarcity, at least in USA.

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