Bombay Cat care: grooming and hygiene of this breed

Bombay cat care is all about the beauty secrets of this breed, from hygiene to daily grooming.

Welcoming a cat at home does not only mean providing him with a place to stay and take care of his diet but it means taking on the responsibility of the animal in all respects.

Responsibility means everything related to the health and well-being of the cat.

In today’s article we are going to understand how to take care of the Bombay cat, a truly spectacular and not very demanding cat breed.

Bombay cat coat care

The care of the Bombay cat does not require particular attention compared to other breeds, as it is equipped with a not very demanding coat. The only thing that matters is that it is lucid. Let’s see what to do to keep the shine in his coat.

The Bombay is a medium-sized, muscular but slender and agile cat that can reach up to 5 kg in the case of males.

It has short hair, close to the body and very silky. It has no undercoat, at first it is light in color: it becomes dark only with sexual maturity.

Its color from that moment can only be black without any variant.

First of all, even if it is a short-haired cat, this does not mean that you will be able to neglect the daily grooming.

Indeed, just as we mentioned before, the Bombay should be combed once a week but if you have a few minutes even every day, you will make its hair shiny.

Not even the feeding should be neglected, the Bombay to keep its coat healthy must feed in a balanced way.

In particular, the cat’s diet must be moderate, as it does not burn many calories, being a very lazy cat.

Returning to the coat, the Bombay to always be of that glossy black color, must be brushed from time to time, with a damp cloth.

What is the ideal brush for this procedure?

The coat of the Bombay cat, as mentioned, should be brushed once a week with a horsehair brush.

For brushing the Bombay cat it is necessary to have different accessories for the different grooming phases, such as:

  • Brush for cats: the brush is made of separate, long, stiff bristles with the tip protected by pellets. Its function is to brush the animal thoroughly but being careful not to cause any damage to the cat’s skin;
  • Soft bristle brush : made with long, soft and dense bristles. Eliminate dust and anything else stuck to the cat’s fur;

Hygiene and cleaning of the Bombay cat

Regarding the well-being and health of the Bombay cat, it is necessary to take care of certain specific points of the body that the cat alone cannot provide.

His human friend needs to come to his aid, let’s see how. If you have adopted a Bombay cat you must take care of:

  • Provide oral hygiene: Clean the cat’s teeth using sanitizing creams for teeth or toothbrushes (available on the market, in specific pet stores).
  • Clean his ears : To avoid the accumulation of secretions and not to develop infections and skin disorders;
  • Cut his nails : Using special accessories to shorten the cat’s nails ;

Surely even the bathroom is beneficial for all animals and brings benefits to the animal and to those around it.

In particular it is useful for flea control, reduces the shedding of hair.

However, in the case of the Bombay cat, it will be enough to wipe the fur with a damp cloth and its coat will shine as if we had just washed it.

The fact remains that once even every 6 weeks or if it gets dirty it is possible to wash the animal with specific and useful products to make the Bombay cat’s fur shine, which is a real show.

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