Why do dogs hate some people

Not all dogs are friendly to people. Indeed, in some cases, a man’s best friend demonstrates a real antipathy towards men or women. At them it barks, growls and shows all their aggression, apparently for no concrete reason. Why this behavior? What is the cause of violent conduct? In this article, we will reveal why dogs hate some people.

The dislike of dogs towards certain people

Perhaps someone will have told you that it is a “question of karma“, or even of the aura or the soul. There is nothing that, scientifically, can prove these popular beliefs. On the contrary, thanks to their developed senses, dogs are able to gather fundamental information about each person. Smell, appearance, regardless of the behavior one adopts in front of the animal.

Put aside your guilt and leave the pseudo-sciences alone. Here are the top 5 reasons that can cause a dog to hate and dislike:

1. An aspect that is intimidating

The clothes you wear, a hat, big boots, a pair of dark glasses, a thick beard… Talking loudly, having strange or noisy objects or even using a wheelchair or walking stick. All these seemingly trivial things can disturb the most fearful animals. It is known, for example, that some dogs do not like the presence of children, due to their size and agitated movements. At the base there is a lack of socialization: if a dog has been properly trained, it should never exhibit behaviors of dislike towards anyone.

2. A bad memory

Dogs also have memories, especially when it comes to trauma. Here then, perhaps, your physical appearance, the way you walk or even the smell, can awaken that bad memory in the dog. An antipathy that has no real foundation, based on instinct and that has nothing to do with the person in question. A dog who has been mistreated by a tall, thin person or who has been subjected to violence will associate the same negative message with similar appearances.

3. Unfriendly body language

Dogs don’t decide to hate people. One of their existential priorities is to defend themselves and be on guard against possible dangers. If you approach a dog screaming, gesticulating or aggressive, the animal will decode everything in the form of threat, punishment, violence. Seek a more cautious, slow and above all contact with the owner’s consent and approval. It is never wise to approach a stray, abandoned or seemingly ownerless dog.

This amazing animal is able to smell fear. A feeling that some people, unaccustomed to contact with dogs, can develop. Likewise, they are able to interpret the mood from the position of the body of the people.

4. Protection of the territory

There is a further and, if we want, more logical reason for a lack of sympathy shown by a dog towards certain people. Being very territorial animals, the presence of a human being can also be understood as an intrusion, a desire to penetrate the area of ​​which the animal feels its master, safe and ready to defend at any cost. Also in this circumstance it is always good to seek a positive and calm approach.

5. Jealousy

The last reason why dogs hate some people is certainly to be found in one of the best known and most ancient feelings. In fact, it can happen that a dog has a bad relationship with your partner or that he refuses to share their owner’s love with children and other family members. A strong jealousy that pushes the animal to protect its privileged role within the herd.

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