Dog people versus cat people, are we different?

Scientists affirm that there is a certain contagion between the character attributed to the animal, even if it is not real, and the perception that the human has of himself

Is he more of a dog or is he more defined as a cat person? In some cases, the choice of the furry companion with whom life is shared is not circumstantial, but denotes a profound decision. So, is the individual who prefers to live with dogs different from the one who defines himself as a feline lover? Well, yes, according to the studies carried out on the subject that ensure that the favorite animal says a lot about the personality of its owner . Here is what some of these investigations have concluded.

Dog people versus cat people

46% of citizens affirm that they feel closer to dogs, while 28% declare themselves more of a cat lover. And the rest? Either they are little friends with these furry companions or they want the same dogs and cats. 

There are important personality differences between people who feel closest to dogs and those who prefer cats. The distinction, explains this psychologist, lies in the fact that there is a certain contagion between the character we attribute to the animal (whether this is true or not) and the perception we have of ourselves. When someone declares themselves more a lover of dogs than cats, or vice versa, it indirectly projects this canine or feline personality into themselves.

Dog people: more outgoing

The dog is seen as a more sociable and friendly animal with strangers. The cat, on the other hand, is linked -too many times, unfairly- a more solitary character, but also creative and fun in privacy.

According to this research, people of dogs express their love for them with greater enthusiasm. But not only that. Dog lovers are “more outgoing” (15% more) and” less neurotic “than those who prefer felines. Furthermore, dog people are described as kinder (13%) and responsible people than dog owners cats.

Cat people: more independent and creative

The contagion between the character of dogs and felines with their humans , and how this determines the differences in personality between lovers of these animals, has also been analysed. Cat people look for more independent animals, while dog owners look for a friendlier and more sociable animal. This perhaps explains why cat lovers perceive themselves as “more creative and adventurous” , although they also admit to being more prone to anxiety .

The feline is perceived as a more independent animal than the dog and this characteristic affects individuals who decide to live with a pussycat. People who prefer felines enjoy their solitude more . They are 30% more likely to live alone, with no other people at home. Marrying, residing in a single-family home and having children is more typical of those who declare themselves lovers of dogs.

Discrepancies and affinities aside, furry love has as many forms as animals and humans exist in the world, be they dogs or cats.

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