Why does the cat hate water?

One of the myths of all time: the cat hates water and it is not possible to bathe it. But why can’t cats possibly stand to get wet, if that’s true? Let’s find out and dispel some myths.

Among the characteristics related to cats, in any cartoon or film, there is always the fear of the bathroom. But seriously, why does the cat hate water? And above all, is it true? In reality, the set of true and false details is a mixture to be studied thoroughly, until we understand what is really useful for us and for our coexistence with the cat. Just know that – as always – not everything we know about it is true, but not that far from reality either.

The main reasons

The cat spends a lot of its time washing its fur, licking itself. In this way, it releases personal odors on it, which not only serve to communicate with other cats, but also to mark the territory.

This means that for him, any other liquid that runs on his fur removes such odors. And this is not good! A little as if after having washed and perfumed us, someone threw a stinking bowler hat at us. But this is only one of the theories, the one usually most accredited.

The most hidden reasons

Genetics always reigns supreme. One theory considers it important that cats in ancient times were present in areas with poor water (the wild cat is native to the Arab areas, where they were able to adapt anyway. So, simply, for them water is not an element familiar.

Cats’ coat dries very slowly when wet, leaving an annoying wet feeling on the cat. Experts also supports the theory of smell we talked about at the beginning.

We also remember that cats are real control freaks! Certainly when wet they cannot have the same stability in the paws as when they are dry.

The exception that proves the rule

Obviously it is not true that because the cat hates water, it cannot take a bath or cannot get close to it. Indeed, the cats of the Turkish Van breed (originating in Turkey, hence the name) are formidable swimmers and love water.

However, this will not make it easy to bathe the cat without it being afraid, especially at the beginning. The best thing is to dip it gently in a tub with water, let it relax and get used to it, and caress it calmly. Finally, dry it with a towel so as not to leave it wet for a long time.

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