Why are cats attracted to people who don’t like them?

You may have already noticed that each time you invite your only friend who doesn’t like cats, your usually shy feline with strangers seems irresistibly attracted to them. It then lies down directly on their knees and indulges in a long purring session. The craziest thing is that it doesn’t seem to see the fear, sometimes even the disgust, that it inspires in your friend. How to explain it?

Cat people can look threatening

When a person likes cats, they tend to approach them head -on, pet them without even introducing themselves, and talk to them directly. However, for our feline friends, eye contact is a sign of domination, even aggression.

By doing so, the person is engaging in behavior that they may view as threatening. They will therefore seek to avoid this type of personality.

Conversely, a person who dislikes cats tends to ignore them, stay away, and especially avoid eye contact.

However, this behavior turns out to be particularly reassuring for cats. They will then be more naturally inclined to go to this kind of person because they will not have the fear of being caught or being trapped in an unwanted cuddling session.

How to make you love cats? 

You will understand, if you want to attract a cat’s attention, do the opposite of what your instincts tell you to do. Ignore them and especially do not show them that you are in awe of them.

If you can’t stop watching it, you have one solution left. When it looks at you, blink slowly, as if you were about to doze off. It’s a cat’s way of showing affection and greeting each other. A bit like a handshake, in short.

If the cat blinks back at you, it means that it accepts your friendship and allows you to look at it, or even approach it. Indeed, it trusts you enough to close their eyes in your presence.

But be careful not to abuse it. If after blinking back at you, you throw yourself at them, the cat may never trust you again. Always take a gentle approach.

And above all, make sure you never approach from the front but rather from the side. Indeed, when two felines meet, they always interact laterally.

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