The cat sees us and meows: possible reasons

Does the cat meow as soon as we get home? Is it a different meow from the others? Here’s what our cat is trying to tell us.

A cat that meows when it sees its owner

Our cat expresses itself not only through the meow, but also and above all by assuming positions and attitudes that we will have to learn to interpret. The fascinating language of the feline can express itself not only through the sound of the meow, but also through the tail and even the ears. First of all we specify that each cat is different from the other: not all meow in the same way, a lot depends on the breed and the context in which it is found.


When the cat welcomes us by meowing on our return home, it is likely that it is greeting us: after a day of absence, it is happy to see us again and expresses it through a meow that sounds like a trill. The sound is intense and vibrated: it is his way of saying ‘Hello’.


The meow could be a release, a lament of a malaise: let’s make sure it is not sick. Let’s avoid the ‘do it yourself’ methods and consult our veterinarian: it will be important to describe in detail not only the type of sound emitted by our cat but also the position it takes and the movements it makes.


This time the meow has the specific intent to attract our attention: the cat has a need and is communicating it to us. Are we sure we haven’t forgotten the meal time? Probably the cat is hungry or wants to play, go out or want to cuddle: the sound of the meow will be unmistakable. And above all it will last until the cat gets what he wants from us: the stronger and more intense the desire to be satisfied will be strong.


The cat is an extremely sensitive and communicative animal: like when we accidentally step on its paw it could jump emitting a clear: ‘Ouch ?, just as clearly it could manifest its boredom or stress for something that something it does not like. The meow will be similar to a real grumble: when he is forced to do something that he does not really want to do.

The cat meows too much: what to do

As already mentioned, the meow can be a peculiarity of some breeds of cats: the Siamese and Oriental cats generally have a particular propensity for meowing. He expresses himself often and willingly: he has a rather developed language and he often uses it to communicate with his human.

Regardless of the breed, the cat, which is also an extremely intelligent animal, could use the meow as a ‘weapon’. If he realizes that it is enough to meow all the time to get his purpose out of him, he will use this tactic to get what he wants. So it’s important not to give in to their whimsical requests, whether it’s for food, play or cuddles.

It is natural that we must always pay close attention to his needs: respect the meal time, give him toys and pastimes and reserve him moments of pampering and attention. Once these needs are met, there is no need to satisfy him further: his are just whims.

If we notice something different than usual in his meow and we see that his body is writhing and assuming unusual positions, let’s hurry to call the vet. He will be able to find the best solution for our four-legged friend.

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