My cat meows all the time: 9 reasons why

Cats meow in order to communicate with their congeners but also and especially with their human. This is completely normal behavior. On the other hand, if your cat meows excessively, it may be trying to tell you that something is wrong. 

1. It is hungry

If your cat is a big foodie and you’ve gotten them used to feeding them all day long (in short, if you’ve given in to his every whim), it’s no wonder it spends their time to ask you to eat, including at night. In this case, do not give in and give them food only during their meal times.

2. It is bored

If your cat does not have access to the outside and spends its days running around in circles in your apartment, it may emit incessant meows in order to attract your attention and let you know its boredom. In this case, take the time to play with them more often and invest in accessories, such as toys, a cat tree, a scratching post…

3. It‘s in heat

When a female cat is in heat, it emits long, drawn meows throughout the day, which are actually a call for males to mate. Similarly, rutting males may produce loud, low-pitched meows when searching for a female.

4. It is stressed

If your cat has just undergone a move or if there has been a new arrival in the family, this may explain their untimely meowing. Indeed, cats are animals who love their routine above all and, when it is upset, they can quickly feel anxious.

5. It is sick

Even if cats have a habit of hiding their health problems (prey reflex), it can happen that your feline, no longer supporting the pain, starts meowing excessively. In this case, consult a veterinarian immediately.

6. It wants your attention

Despite what some may think, cats need human contact. If your cat meows as soon as it sees you, it’s simply because it’s trying to get your attention so that you give them a little pet or play with them.

7. It is a kitten

When they are small, kittens spend their time meowing. It is the only way they have to communicate during the first months of their life. They will then learn how to express themselves with their body, the position of their tail, their pheromones…

8. It is old

It’s not uncommon for old cats to suddenly start meowing in the middle of the night or day, for what seems like hours. This is explained by the fact that they can have confusion attacks, they are then completely disoriented and no longer know where they are.

9. It is talkative

If your cat has been meowing all the time forever, it might just be because it likes it! Some cat breeds can be more talkative than others, such as Siamese, Tonkinese, Balinese, Burmese, Cornish Rex, Japanese Bobtail or Korat.

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