The cat meows strangely: possible reasons

Sometimes the cat meows in a strange or different way than usual and this signal could indicate a more or less serious health problem. Here’s how to interpret the cat’s meows.

The cat meows differently depending on what it wants to communicate: in most cases, its meow is not a cause for concern. However, there are some cases in which the cat starts meowing in a strange and different way than usual: in this case, it is likely that there is some health problem and the cat is trying to communicate its discomfort.

How, then, to interpret the cat’s meowing and above all to identify signs of disease or pathologies simply by listening to the cat meow? In this article, we’ll find out what the changes and quirks are to watch out for.

The cat meows strangely: what does it want to tell us?

There are cats that tend to meow more and cats that are naturally quieter, but in general what should worry you is when you notice changes in the cat’s meowing: these “oddities” can relate to intensity, type and frequency with which the cat meows.

In fact, if the cat meows in a strange and different way than usual, it is likely that there are diseases or health problems that could be more easily treated if diagnosed in time: for example, hypertension, feline hyperthyroidism or problems to the cat’s throat. Not to mention very dangerous veterinary emergencies, such as blockage of the urinary tract which is one of the most common causes of sudden death in cats.

In some cases, cats that start meowing louder and more often do so for conditions related to the neurological aspect: it is a phenomenon that is often found in older cats or in those with brain disorders such as cognitive dysfunction, a similar problem. to human senile dementia. In general, when your cat suffers a condition that causes him physical or mental distress he is likely to start meowing strangely, more frequently and louder than he did in the past.

How to interpret the oddities in the cat’s meow

When a cat is healthy, it tends to meow for various reasons: asking for cuddles and attention, having the door open, communicating that it is hungry are just some of the possible reasons. Furthermore, anyone who has ever lived with a cat knows how many different sounds these animals can emit, each with its own specific meaning.

However, when the cat wants to communicate a health problem, there is a strong difference between its usual meowing and the strange and usually more intense new meowing. If the cat suffers from a serious illness or if it suffers severe pain, it will tend to emit deep and guttural meows, as happens in cats that have suffered injuries or accidents or in the case of kidney diseases in the cat now definitely in a terminal state.

In addition to the change in the cat’s meowing, the presence of health problems is often accompanied by other typical symptoms and signs such as: lethargy, loss of appetite in the cat, changes in the way of walking, facial expression and different positions of the ears and tail. If you have one or more of these symptoms, you should get your strangely meowing cat to the vet as soon as possible.

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