My cat meows very loudly at night: 5 possible reasons

For some time now, you have not been able to sleep. And for good reason, every night, your cat wakes you up with loud howls. Not only their meows are terribly loud but they also seem particularly desperate. However, all the needs of your hairball are met during the day (water, food, play, physical exercise…)…. So how can such excessive behavior be explained? 

1. It is old

If your cat is old, that is to say if it is over 10 years old, it is quite possible that it will start meowing particularly loudly in the middle of the night. Kind of like it was completely lost. In this case, it is most often the syndrome of cognitive dysfunction, linked to the aging of the brain. This syndrome creates in them crises of confusion which most often take place at night because it is unable to recognize their environment. Generally, installing a small nightlight could be enough to reassure them.

In addition to these unwanted meows, your cat may also exhibit other symptoms, similar to those seen in people with Alzheimer’s disease. For example, it may seem to be completely disoriented, change their behavior, even sometimes become aggressive, have trouble sleeping, become messy, lose their appetite or wash excessively or no longer at all.

2. It is sick

If your cat is emitting loud, hoarse meows one or more times during the night, it may indicate a health problem. This is because it can be a thyroid problem, such as hyperthyroidism, or a kidney problem, specifically kidney failure.

Thus, if you observe other unusual symptoms in your cat, such as excessive thirst, loss of appetite, weight loss, digestive disorders (vomiting, diarrhea), dull hair or a change in behavior, a visit at the veterinarian is required.

3. It was just adopted

If your cat has just arrived at your home, especially if it is a kitten, an old cat or a cat adopted from a shelter, the first nights can be particularly stressful for him. Indeed, it probably used to sleep surrounded by several other cats.

Thus, being alone in an unfamiliar environment is a particularly stressful situation. It can therefore begin to meow loudly to call his former companions.

4. It’s in heat

If your cat is a female, you must have already noticed that, during their heat, it tends to meow in a particularly strange way. And, as you might expect, those hoarse meows don’t always happen during the day…

5. It feels trapped

If your cat is used to living outside during the day, it may not be OK with being locked up in the house at night. Thus, feeling trapped, it may begin to meow loudly. It’s actually a call for you to come and open it up.

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