Does your cat sees you as a big cat?

Have you ever wondered how your cat sees you? So yes, on your side it may be your little baby, you surely see it as a very cute little thing on which you watch tenderly. But you can imagine that the cat does not think it is your inferior, but your equal (perhaps superior?). This little ball of fur that you love so much actually sees you as another cat, only bigger. Here’s what we know.

Your cat sees you as another larger cat!

It is a very serious study which affirms that the cat would see us as another big cat. The study lasted 25 years, during which the biologist studied the different cats of the world. From the apartment cat to the wild cat while passing by the alley cat, similarities in behavior are clear!

Indeed, the cat sees us, us human, like another cat, but bigger and taller. For this, it relies on the way the cat interacts with us. First, when it sees us, the cat raises its tail just as it would when it sees another cat.

When the cat raises its tail, it’s not to welcome you, but it’s how it communicates with its peers. According to the study, a cat even domesticated for several years remains an animal with a wild instinct.

Your cat’s attitudes speak volumes…

The cat does not think that you are its superior or even its master. When it brings you mice, snakes or other beasts at home, it is out of pride. But the cat remembers all the same that the food remains better at his master’s, that’s why it abandons their prey at your feet.

The biologist says: 

Once their catch is brought home, they are reminded that the cat food is so much better, so the freshly killed rodent ends up abandoned on the ground.”

The cat therefore hunts above all to maintain its hunting instinct.

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