My cat sleeps on me, is that a good thing?

Does your feline come regularly to stick to you, even fall asleep on you? This sign of great affection can touch you, but sometimes bother you as well. When the cat is sleeping soundly, it is indeed difficult to wake it up without guilt. However, is it a good or a bad habit to let it be? 

Why does my cat sleep on me?

Several explanations are possible. If your cat dozes off on you or with you, cat already trusts and likes you. Moreover, it is also proof that it is tactile. All felines are indeed not as demonstrative as that. If your cat sleeps on you, you can never doubt the love it has for you!

For security purposes

It is a proof of security, but also a desire to be in height, because cats are real climbers. So, by being on you, they can see what’s going on, but also be protected thanks to you.

To be warm

This act can also be explained by attention seeking. Besides, we know that cats are good at finding the most comfortable places, so why wouldn’t this place be you? In addition, in winter the heat comes mainly from the radiators or from you! Thus, if it comes to sleep with you, it is also to be warmer.

By love

As said before, a cuddly cat regularly proves its love by being demonstrative. Thus, this need to be close to you can be explained by their attachment, but also a desire for comfort.

A form of dominance

The cat has different ways of marking its territory. When he comes to lie down on you, it is possible that he deposits pheromones secreted by the sebaceous glands (at the level of the chin). Therefore, by settling on you, it shows that you belong to them.

What are the advantages ?

The presence of a feline brings a lot of comfort and we already know the many advantages of having a cat at home. In addition to reducing our potential stress, it helps us calm and release our tensions. Thus, if things are not going very well, the bond created with your animal can console you in a short time, especially when it comes to stick to you.

What are the disadvantages?

If you sleep at the same time as them, watch out! Indeed, cats are real acrobats and yours can therefore suddenly decide to wake up to party, when it was not at all in your plans… It can also move to reposition itself in order to sleep better, putting thus endangering your sleep!

In addition, it is also possible that it deposits their hair or a few pieces of litter in your bed and on you if it has not shaken their front legs.

Finally, remember to protect your pet against the various parasites (internal, external) so as not to have any unpleasant surprises! Indeed, fleas can easily disperse and land on you when your cat decides to sleep with you.

So, if your cat sleeps on you, take advantage of this moment of calm with him! Moreover, if it is too clingy, do not hesitate to indicate their bassinet or another place so that everything goes as well as possible between you, without getting upset.

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