My cat sleeps with me: 5 reasons why

You know cats value their independence and freedom as the apple of their eye. However, your feline always seems to be watching your bedtime insistently, as if it could not imagine spending the night without you. But why does it feel the need to sleep with you so much?

1. It feels safe with you.

In nature, the cat is a predator but also a prey. Thus, it always needs to control their entire environment, especially when it sleeps, in order to be able to spot the arrival of possible threats. Hence their taste for high beds …

If it likes to sleep in your bed, it’s because it feels safe with you and knows that you can protect them in case of intrusion.

2. Your bed is their territory

If your cat sleeps in your bed, it is above all that it considers it as their own territory. Thus, it does not sleep with you, but it is indeed you who sleep with them…

And you’re in luck, it agrees to share their territory with you! Thus, if you offer the possibility to your cat to sleep in your bed, it will be difficult to dislodge it afterwards…

3. It appreciates the comfort of your bed.

Cats like to be comfortably installed when it comes to taking a little snooze. And it turns out that your bed has a particularly soft mattress and incredibly silky sheets that call for sleep. And you know it, comfort for your cat is sacred.

4. It enjoys spending time with you.

When it sleeps with you, your cat shows you that it really cares about you. Indeed, it likes you to cuddle them or simply feel your presence next to them. In short, it just loves spending a long time by your side !

5. You keep them warm

In winter, when temperatures are colder, cats use more energy to maintain their body temperature at a high level, which explains why they sleep more.

To make things easier, your cat is looking for places to sleep where their body heat won’t decrease during their sleep. Thus, your bed in which your body is all warm is a particularly strategic choice.

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