Giving fruit juice to your cat: good or bad idea?

Your cat does not drink a lot of water, you may be wondering if giving them fruit juice could be a good way to hydrate them… Or your feline has drunk from your glass without you noticing it. In any case, find out in this article whether giving fruit juice to your cat is good for their health or not!

A sip of juice won’t kill your cat

By itself, fruit juice is not harmful to cats. This means that if your feline occasionally drinks one or more sips of orange or apple juice, it’s clearly not going to kill them. Indeed, apart from refreshing them and giving them vitamin C, there will be no other effect on them.

However, if you want to occasionally give your fur ball fruit juice as a treat, it’s better to abstain. Indeed, your cat could, in the long term, sulk its water for good! So prefer to give them small pieces of fruit (be careful to always seed, pit and peel them).

Too much fruit juice can be dangerous for your cat

Even if fruit juice does not represent an immediate danger for our feline friends, it can however prove to be problematic if it is consumed in excess and over the long term.

Indeed, cats are strict carnivores, which means that they do not need fruits (or vegetables) in their diet, and even less sugar! The proof, they even have trouble detecting the sweet taste. Not to mention that they can suffer from citrus poisoning… Their diet must therefore consist exclusively of protein, that is to say meat.

Thus, giving them fruit juice regularly can cause them digestive problems (vomiting, diarrhoea). But that’s not the worst. It can also lead them to develop relatively serious pathologies such as diabetes or obesity. Yes, cats do not need sugar to survive, their body is not made to digest carbohydrates. Instead of transforming them into energy, it therefore most often transforms them into fat!

As you will have understood, it is better to avoid giving fruit juice to your cat. Not only is it not necessary, but it can also become dangerous for them over time. Not to mention that fruit juices sometimes contain harmful substances, such as preservatives or sweeteners.

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