Anti ageing Diet that is good for Cat’s brain

When he gets older, his brain ages too: what is the cat’s brain anti-aging diet? What are and if there are foods for a diet to avoid these problems.

It is already difficult to see him often weak and without strength, but we know well that it is not just a physical issue: when our beloved cat is getting old, the problems that must be faced every day are also cerebral. But what are the first signs of this type to be grasped and above all what can we do to help our good old domestic feline? Are there some foods to include in a cat’s brain anti-aging diet, that is, those that can help their brain stay young or, at least, age less quickly? What you need to know.

What is brain aging: a ‘ghost’ to deal with

Although for some the advent of the third age of our beloved pet is almost a taboo because it is too ‘painful’ to face, in reality we must accept that this phase is part of his life and should not be experienced by us as ‘the beginning of the end’.

It is obvious that it hurts to see your feline, which has always been active and dynamic, to be a little more tired than in the golden years: perhaps he will prefer to stay warm at home rather than go out and chase butterflies. But that doesn’t mean it’s time to say goodbye.

As for the human being, also for the cat, old age is a phase and must be lived in the best way. So if we can do something to improve his lifestyle, especially when he needs us most, what are we waiting for? Let’s start with its nutrition and maybe let’s see which are the ideal foods to include in a cat’s brain anti-aging diet.

The signs of brain aging

It will not be so easy to grasp them, also because they could often be confused with physical fatigue. In reality it is the brain that ‘controls’ the whole body and if we sometimes see our cat tired or unmotivably aggressive, it could also be a brain issue.

These are the main brain signals of an aging cat:

  • disorientation,
  • weakness,
  • confusion,
  • meow at unusual times,
  • aggression of the cat,
  • apathy,
  • droppings everywhere.

It is also true that these signals can also be symptomatic of other pathological conditions or diseases in progress : the correct answer that clarifies our doubts can only be obtained from our trusted veterinarian!

Cat brain anti-aging diet: what are the best foods?

In reality, the brain anti-aging diet has characteristics similar to those of the diets chosen for any other animal that has entered its ‘third age’: it is soft to chew and easily digestible. They are energy foods, very useful for a cat who becomes more and more tired and apathetic day after day.

Highly protein foods, therefore, with a choice of meat and fish. Furthermore, the choice of foods that contain more proteins is also important because they can be useful to entice the cat to eat and to avoid the risk of loss of appetite in the cat.

Cat brain anti-aging diet: phosphatidylserine in nutraceutical foods

It is probable that, rather than specific foods, the veterinarian advises to give our elderly cat some particular substances that help prevent the animal’s brain aging.

It is phosphatidylserine, which with its nutraceutical action helps to prevent and fight brain cell aging in both cats and dogs. It is also indicated with the initials ‘PS’; the term ‘nutraceutical’ instead indicates the presence of natural substances, which are found in food products.

They can be easily found on the market but, given that there is no specific legislation regarding our feline, it is absolutely necessary to talk about it first with our trusted veterinarian.

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