My cat sleeps in her litter box: should I be worried?

Cats are known to sleep in strange places: cardboard boxes, bathroom sinks, shoes… But some go even further and even venture to sleep in their own litter box. In this case, even if it may seem amusing at first glance, there are questions to be asked. Indeed, cats are famous for their obsession with hygiene. However, sleeping where they relieve themselves is a clear indication that something is wrong. Here are the reasons that can push your furball to act like this!

1. It is sick

When you have gastro, for example, you probably tend to spend a lot more time than usual on the toilet. For your cat, it’s exactly the same. If it suffers from a urinary tract infectionkidney stones or diarrhea, it could then prefer to stay on site in case of urgent need and thus avoid incidents.

So be attentive to the slightest unusual symptom: frequent urination, difficulty defecating, loss of appetite, fatigue… If in doubt, don’t hesitate to make an appointment with a veterinarian.

2. It doesn’t feel safe in the house.

Even if the smell emanating from your cat’s litter box seems simply nauseating to you, it has a whole other meaning for your feline. Indeed, the smell of their urine is particularly comforting for them. It is also for this reason that it is advisable to insert a little soiled litter at each change of litter, so that the animal can easily find its marks.

So if your cat goes to bed in her litter box, it may be because that’s the only place it feels safe. It then considers it as their refuge. It can adopt this behavior following a move, the arrival of a new animal or a baby in the home or any other change that may have disturbed them. In this case, provide them with a bed that is clean and contains familiar odors. All in a quiet part of the house.

3. It defends their territory

If your cat shares its litter box with other cats, it may feel the need to defend it against these invaders. For this, what better than to stay permanently on site! Or, if it’s being bullied by other felines, it may just be trying to make sure it can continue to use the litter box.

Indeed, the litter is a very intimate object for our feline friends. So, if you have multiple cats, consider providing each with their own litter box. And add one or two just in case. Therefore, if you have for example three cats, you will need to buy at least three litter boxes.

4. It is expecting babies

If your cat is a female and it is pregnant, it will then seek, in the last days of their pregnancy, to build a small cozy nest to give birth. It can then choose their litter box to give birth to their young, especially if it is a closed box.

It is then your duty to provide them with a comfortable AND clean place near their litter box. Indeed, if the kittens were to be born in the litter of your cat, they would then be exposed to many bacteria and could then easily fall ill.

In any case, no matter what causes your cat to sleep in its litter box, you absolutely must offer it another alternative!

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