Giving spirulina to your cat: good or bad idea?

Spirulina is a dietary supplement that is on the rise. Indeed, its natural benefits for the body are no longer to be proven. It acts on immunity, tone and it contains many antioxidants, enough to bring an overflowing vitality. These effects are known for humans, but what about cats? Giving them spirulina as a food supplement, good or bad idea? Find out now!

Why give spirulina to cats?

Spirulina is not just for humans. Pets can benefit from it in order to improve their health, but also the specificities of their coat. So yes, spirulina for cats is rather a good idea since it strengthens natural defenses and improves performance.

This seaweed contains nearly 60% protein, but also many minerals and vitamins. In addition to strengthening the body, spirulina acts on the coat of the cat. It will then be shinier, softer and fuller! It will also shed less hair.

For a cat in great shape, do not hesitate to integrate spirulina into its diet daily. You can give it to them as a pill or simply by mixing it into their food.

A good alternative for tired cats

The virtues of spirulina make it a great ally for older, tired or slightly sick cats. Indeed, the action of antioxidants makes it possible to fight against premature aging since they capture the free radicals at the origin of cellular aging.

Spirulina is also ideal for boosting your pet’s recovery. Boosting the immune system will help your cat recover faster.

As you will have understood, spirulina only has health benefits, you will also see an improvement in your cat’s physical performance! It is a dietary supplement that is suitable for all pets, so do not hesitate to discuss it with your veterinarian.

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