6 signs that show your cat is angry

Your cat may be incredibly calm, but certain situations may tend to tense them up, or even make them angry. In this case, it is better to know the signs indicating their change of mood so that you can move away quickly and thus avoid aggravating the situation. 

1. It talks with their tail

The position of your cat’s tail says a lot about their current mood. Indeed, if the latter is low or if it is agitated, it is generally a sign that something is upsetting them.

2. It has spiky hair

If your cat has a hunched back with raised hair when you approach them, turn around immediately. This is because it indicates that it is trying to appear as tall as possible, a sign that it sees you as a threat. And therefore that it is really, but then really not happy.

3. It lowers their ears back

This is THE sign that your cat is angry, even scared. If their ears are pressed against their head, it is better not to approach them. Prefer to wait until it has their ears straightened.

4. It vocalizes

If your cat is hissing, growling, spitting or meowing very loudly and in a very strange way, it’s a sign that it doesn’t want you near them. In this case, stay away and wait for them to calm down.

5. It is glued to the ground

If your cat is flattened on the ground when you approach, it is preparing to pounce to attack you. Indeed, it allows them to have a better relaxation. Only one piece of advice, run away!

6. It kicks you

Your cat may know that when you approach them, it’s almost always to pet them or hug them. However, it turns out that right now, it doesn’t want to. In this case, it won’t hesitate to give you a quick paw as soon as you get close enough to gently dissuade you from touching them.

Note that, contrary to what we tend to think, the shape of the pupils is not a reliable sign of your cat’s state of mind. Indeed, if their pupils are dilated, this may simply indicate that they are adjusting to the ambient light. So, even if your cat gives you “black eyes”, it does not necessarily mean that it is angry!

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