5 signs that show your cat is a real bully

The cohabitation between two cats does not always go as well as expected. And for good reason, it can be difficult for a feline to accept the presence of another cat on its territory, especially if the two animals have not grown up together. The first cat can then be tyrannical towards the one he considers their rival, making their life a real hell. But, unfortunately, the signs of such harassment are not always obvious to owners, who do not see that one of their cats is under constant stress. 

Good to know: if you observe one or more of the signs below in one of your cats, it is urgent to react by calling on an animal behaviorist for example. Indeed, the constant feeling of insecurity causes stress, which can lead the feline to suffer over the months from real anxiety.

1. It shaves the walls

If one of your cats has a habit of hugging the walls when it moves around the house, it is a sign that it does not want to be detected. Likewise if, when it goes from point A to point B (from the kitchen to the bedroom for example), it cannot help but run, as if they were being chased.

This fearful attitude indicates that something in his place of life scares them. And chances are it’s your other cat.

2. It can’t access certain places

When a cat tyrannizes another cat, making the latter their scapegoat, it is common for them to block access to certain places in the house that it considers important. It can be the bedroom, which is the place of rest, the kitchen, which is none other than the place of feeding, or even the litter box, which also occupies a central place in its territory. The despot can even go so far as to deny them access to the house by placing himself in the entrance, for example.

To avoid any attempt at intimidation, it is therefore essential to separate the territories of your cats. For this, each of them must have their own toys, their own bowls, their own cat tree and especially their own litter. In addition, it is highly recommended to feed them at different times.

3. It is always on the alert

If your cat is the victim of your other cat, it will adopt an easily recognizable fearful posture on a daily basis. This translates into ears always flattened on the side, dilated pupils, a tail that moves… In short, it is not quiet, and it shows.

Note that the tyrant cat sometimes has the habit of “threatening” its victim only by giving it strong looks throughout the day. This subtle sign is therefore difficult to detect. In fact, it is normal that you did not realize anything!

4. It runs away from confrontation 

Another sign that can help you identify when one of your cats is feeling unwell is their behavior towards their suspected bully. Indeed, when two cats (or more) live under the same roof, it is not uncommon for conflicts to arise. In this case, the felines face each other for a few moments before calming down.

But if your cat runs away belly down every time you try to attack your other cat, that’s not normal. Submission should never be taken to extremes.

5. It is often disturbed in his sleep

If one of your cats has the annoying tendency to rush towards your other feline when the latter is asleep, it is certainly not to play. Indeed, this underhanded tactic is once again intended to increase the pressure on the victim animal’s shoulders.

The objective is to make them understand that he cannot find rest in any place since it is not welcome on this territory. It pushes them to leave, in short.

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