5 signs that show your cat is jealous

If you’ve just welcomed a new pet into your home, a baby, a new partner, or are spending more time than usual on your phone or computer, your cat may be getting jealous. Yes, cats are creatures of habit! Thus, it is enough that you give them less attention than before for the benefit of someone or something else to create jealousy in them. In this case, you may observe the following behaviors!

1. It is intrusive

If your cat is jealous, it will be desperate to get your attention. It may then be that it never lets go of you, perpetually dragging in your legs or meowing breathlessly.

It may even try to grab you at every chance it gets. By snuggling up against you as soon as you sit down somewhere, for example. Even more obvious, it can settle on your computer or the book you are reading that it is jealous of.

2. It isolates itself

Even if some cats can be intrusive when they are jealous, others can, on the contrary, move away more and more. If this is the case with your cat, then it will tend to isolate itself and seek your company less than usual.

It means it feels left out. Plus, it’s too sad to fight for their place in your heart. In this case, be sure to spend more time with them so that it feels like you still love them.

3. It is messy

If a new person or a new animal has entered your cat’s territory, that is to say your home, it may be that it tries to make the newcomer understand that it is indeed at their house.

To do this, it can begin to mark their territory with jets of urine, abandoning their litter at the same time. In this case, don’t worry, once it gets used to their new companion, it will resume their good old habits.

4. It becomes aggressive

A jealous cat may also have a tendency to show their discomfort through aggression. The latter can be turned against you, their human, or against the object of their jealousy.

5. It doesn’t like anything anymore

The danger with jealousy is that it can lead to extreme behavior, even to a particularly deep malaise. So, if your cat spends all of its time sleeping and lacks enthusiasm for activities it previously loved, it is necessary to react immediately.

Indeed, if your hairball were to be depressed for too long, it could even go into depression. However, depression is almost always fatal in our feline friends…

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