10 signs that show that your cat loves you

Every cat owner has ever asked themselves the question: does my cat really love me? Or is their affection just a well-calculated strategy to have something to eat every day? If you don’t have your answer yet, here are 10 behaviors of your feline friend that undoubtedly prove that it has become attached to you more than it wants to show.

1. It squints when it looks at you

By squinting their eyes slightly when it looks at you, your cat is letting you know that it’s comfortable and that you put them in trust.

2. It shows you his belly

If your cat often shows you their belly, it is to make you understand that it understood that you were their “master” and that it respected them.

3. It nudges you

When your cat rubs its head against yours (sometimes a little roughly, we grant you), it deposits its scent on you, which shows that it considers you a member of its family.

4. It purrs

Purring is the quintessential mark of affection. If your cat purrs when it’s near you, it’s simply because it feels good.

5. It bends the tip of his tail

When your cat wags its tail, it’s usually a bad sign. But when it holds it straight like an i and just curls the end of it, that means it’s happy to see you and is letting you know.

6. It kneads you with his paws

When they were kittens, cats made this funny movement with their paws to get milk out of their mother’s teats. If your cat continues to do it on you as an adult, it is simply because this gesture translates for them a moment of total well-being.

7. It licks you

Cats are not like dogs and do not lick anyone, quite the contrary. If your cat licks you, especially on the face or hands, it means that it has a lot of affection for you.

8. It bites you

If your cat wanted to bite you, you would smell it. Biting is more a sign of play and affection. He trusts you and knows he can play a little with your fingertip without you holding it against him.

9. It sleeps next to you

Cats only sleep in places where they feel safe. They have kept this behavior from their wild ancestors who were predators but also prey in nature. If your cat loves sleeping with you, that’s a big sign of trust.

10. It brings his prey back to you

Contrary to what one might think, cats do not bring us their prey (alive or dead, depending on the mood) to annoy us but because they consider them as gifts. Indeed, your cat is worried about not seeing you hunt and therefore decides to feed you itself. So we hold back our anger and say thank you…

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