What to do when two cats fight?

Fights between felines are frequent but experts remember that they must be stopped to prevent further damage

One in ten felines who share a home fights at some time. But these conflicts can be aggravated if they are not stopped in time. So what to do when they fight? This article explains why cats fight, why feline fights are frequent, and 10 expert tricks to stop them at home and make them friends again.

Fights between cats: common problem

Cats so friendly, and the next time … great enemies. Fights between cats that live in the same house are a common dilemma that also worries those who share their lives with one or more.

Fights between domestic cats are the most frequent problem of feline behaviour.

Cat fighting worries one in four people who live with more than one feline

The half share of domestic cats living with other cats, says statistics tenure pets developed by the American Association of Veterinary Surgeons. Among them, houses with two cats are the majority: five out of ten . Two out of every ten households share their lives with three kittens, and the rest – three out of ten – with four or more cat-like inhabitants.

But how frequent are the fights between these felines?  One in four owners say their cats fight, at least occasionally.

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