How to know if two cats love each other: 5 unmistakable signs!

Friendship is not the prerogative of humans. Animals too, especially cats, can form strong bonds with other members of their species. And even if our feline friends do not easily express their emotions, it is rather easy to identify a bond of friendship between two cats. Here are 5 signs that show that two cats like each other, or even that they have become friends!

1. They rub against each other

When cats rub against furniture and walls, it is above all to mark their territory. Indeed, they thus deposit odorous hormones, called pheromones, everywhere in the house. If another cat were to enter their territory, it would know immediately that it is in already conquered territory.

On the other hand, when cats rub against us or against another member of their species, it has a completely different meaning. This is because it allows them to transfer their scent and thus share a common and familiar smell. The reason? In a group, cats feel safer if they all share the same scent.

Also note that it is not uncommon for two friendly cats to intertwine their tails.

2. They lick each other

When two cats like each other, it’s not uncommon to see them licking each other. This mutual grooming is most commonly seen in cats belonging to the same family, but it can also occur between two friends. Indeed, it is an excellent way to strengthen the bond that unites them but also to share once again a common smell.

Where cats lick most often is on their head and neck. And for good reason, these are two areas that are particularly difficult to reach alone when grooming.

3. They play together

The cat is a solitary hunter. Thus, if two adult cats start playing together, all without any aggression, it is because the bond that unites them is strong enough to make them forget their deep nature.

4. They sleep cuddled together

What could be cuter than seeing two sleeping cats entwined with each other? But do not dream, this proximity is not common among our feline friends! On the contrary, cats have a habit of sleeping near people with whom they feel perfectly safe.

Therefore, if two cats sleep together, even on the same sofa, it is a sign that they trust each other and that they have real affection for each other.

5. They are sad when separated

If one of the two cats has to be taken to the vet for a few hours, the other feline may show signs of nervousness and may tend to look for its companion all over the house.

Similarly, if two cats live together and one of them suddenly has to move or dies, then the other may tend to be particularly sad. It will no longer show any enthusiasm for playing, will be worried, will lose their appetite, will spend all their time sleeping… 

In this case, it is recommended to be vigilant because these are the first signs of depression. However, unlike humans, depression is almost always fatal in cats.

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