How to make two cats adjust with each other in a home

Putting two cats together at home is not an easy task. And, if you were already aware that it was not a simple matter, we are going to delve into what reasons make it so complex and how you can face this type of situation.

Understanding the character of cats

There is nothing in the genetic code of a domestic cat that prevents it from living happily with other cats, if the conditions are right.

Domestic cats voluntarily share territory, when there is a lot of food and under those circumstances, they need to communicate, not only to defend the territory, but also to resolve differences in behaviour and to maintain their hierarchy within a group. Forging social bonds, on the other hand, is easy for puppies under seven weeks old. It takes between 2 and 5 weeks for an adult cat to adapt to its new territory and at least 3 weeks to accept a new feline in the human family.

Keep in mind, in addition, that when two cats get along, some factors will influence , such as: that there are age differences between them, that one of them is sick , the species or breeds, the temperaments of each one, that sterilized or not, including their past and the way they have been raised in the first months of life.

Bringing two cats together in the same house

Cats are territorial animals and jealous of their spaces. They will not be satisfied if another of their kind meddles in them. They will consider that it endangers the distribution of “resources” that it has enjoyed so far. Therefore, in the following lines we give you tips to make this process much more effective and avoiding setbacks that may occur.

Recommendations for two cats to “meet”

Imagine that you are going to adopt a kitten, which will have to end up living with the one that already resided in your house, so you should prepare a first meeting that is not conflictive.

To achieve this, both cats must become accustomed to the presence of their future residence companions. Therefore, it is advisable that you impregnate their usual places with the smell of their new companion. Using a bed where our cat has been or a toy that he uses regularly, to give it to the new cat and back, to the host cat. In this way, it will not be so shocking when they feel it in a more direct way and there will already be an unwritten message, which will have brought them closer.

When the adopted kitten is transferred home, it  must spend time in its own room, where it has everything it needs to make its life. The veteran cat will be able to assimilate, in this way, that there is a new presence in the house. You will smell it, for example, through the cracks. In any case, do not enter that room.

In turn, the new cat, before the first contact, is very positive that it gets to know the new house or “territory”. You can at certain times, let it go through the rest of the house, with the smells, while for example, the cat that already lives in it, is in a room.

Everything prepared to bring together two cats that do not know each other

In less than ten days, the time has come to organize the first meeting. A very effective trick is to place a pair of bowlsproperly separated, with one of those “favorite cans” of your cat, so that the older cat associates this positive stimulus with the new company. This can be repeated, with the food bowls getting closer and closer and separated, for example, by a chair, so that they can be seen, but that there is something between them.

If for some reason there is a fighting reaction, separate them, but do not yell at them or feel anxious (they will notice it and it will not contribute). Repeat, after a while, this type of encounter and power that they gain confidence. Be patient.

The snorts are almost inevitable, but little by little, they will cease and lead to a rapprochement, which may end with the acceptance of the new member of the family.

In short, if you have thought about how to bring two cats together, you can follow these recommendations, so that there is a good harmony and adaptation, and ensure that living together under the same roof is not an impossible mission at the beginning. A poor presentation can cause acceptance to be delayed.

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