How do I get my two cats to get along?

Two felines will get along well at home, if they are offered separate food bowls, they are sterilized and their owner’s pampering is doubled when they are together

Fights between cats are a natural and very frequent behaviour. But this does not mean that they cannot be stopped and that two felines get along. How to get a couple of cats to stop fighting? This article reveals six tricks so that they do not clash and be friends: separate their food spaces, take good care of the moment of presentation between the felines , stop disputes as soon as possible, sterilize them and , very importantly, double the pampering, games and affection when the two animals are close .

How do I get my two cats to get along?

Two cats will get along, if the presentations are taken care of, their feeders are separated at home and the affections are doubled

Cat fights are a natural behaviour and also frequent . One in four people who live with more than one feline assures that their pets fight more or less occasionally.

But, why do two cats who share a house face each other and how to get them to get along? The arrival of a new feline to the house generates a good part of these fights during the adaptation period of both. Almost half of the cats that begin to live with other felines fight, growl and even scratch during their presentation.

The most frequent reason is competition for resources, although this is not always obvious. Felines can compete silently for space at home, for the attention of their owners (jealous cats), food, water, litter boxes and even the sunniest areas of the living room.

But what to do so that the two cats get along and stop fighting?

1. Better, sterilized

Cats react quickly when their sense of security is at risk . Some will behave in an aggressive way and start a fight , others more peaceful will withdraw from the conflict, and others may even become ill due to stress.

The sterilization of the cat reduces stress and with it, disputes among cats, which are more common among males. Conflicts are significantly reduced when both felines are sterilized.

Another tip? Cut their nails every week : less damage will be done and therefore there will be less reason to start a fight.

2. Separate spaces

The second trick for cats to get along and not fight is to offer them resources and separate spaces.

This measure will be most effective if your feeders and water bowls are placed in physically spaced locations. It will save them from having to confront them, without any of them being deprived of essential resources, such as food and water.

3. Fights between cats: stop them early

Fights between felines must be stopped as soon as possible, to prevent them from becoming an increasingly difficult habit to eradicate. The more often they fight, the worse the quarrels become and, also, their possible consequences.

4. Separate the felines

Physical punishment, even a small blow to the nose, in addition to being cruel, will only increase the aggressiveness of a fighting feline.

The most effective trick for separating two fighting cats is to make a loud sound (a clap or hiss) that catches their attention. It also works to throw a stream of water on the fighters or throw something soft, in order to mislead them.

The cats must remain separate after the dispute. The distance must be maintained while the problem is solved or, at least, when the risk of a new feline fight is looming.

5. How to make two cats friends? Take care of the presentation

The more often they fight, the worse the quarrels become and also their possible consequences.

The first contact between two cats that still do not know each other is key to avoid fights between them.  The presentation should be gradual, especially if they are reluctant.

Using a carrier and offering objects that smell to who your future new friend should be (toys, blankets, etc.) are tricks that favour the success of this first contact, as well as a first step towards a strong and lasting friendship between the cats of home.

6. My cats fight, are they jealous because of me?

The jealousy is not exclusive to people. Dogs and cats also tend to be envious of another animal that they see as a competitor for the affections of their human.

Doubling up on pampering and attention, as well as offering edible treats when two felines are close (both of them, of course) are ways to reduce fights between them and get them to get along. With patience, they will come to understand that they are not rivals but friends, who share the love of their beloved human.

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