How to stop a fight between two cats: 3 tips

Have you just adopted a new cat? One of your cats has reached sexual maturity? Or have you moved and your cats need to establish new territories? In any case, it happens that conflicts arise between cats of the same house. In this case, it is important to know how to react. 

Why do cats fight? 

There are several reasons why cats start to fight:

  • A question of territory: the cat protects a place, a toy or even a human, which it considers its territory. To avoid territorial fights, each cat should have its own shelter, its own bowls, its own toys and its own litter box.
  • A question of hormones: fights between two cats of the same sex are frequent if they are not sterilized. Once neutered, if the fighting continues, you can use pheromones to calm things down.
  • A question of smell: when you bring a new cat home or bring one of your cats back from the vet, for example, the latter brings new smells with it. To prevent these new smells from causing fights, be sure to rub a towel impregnated with the scent of your house on the cat you bring home.
  • A question of jealousy: if you have adopted a new cat, be sure to continue to give just as much attention to your first cat in order to avoid making them jealous.
  • A question of frustration: it is essential to play with your cats every day in order to make them exercise. Indeed, the frustration linked to the lack of activity can cause tension between cats, especially if they live in an enclosed space.

How to stop a fight between two cats?

Even if your cats get along well most of the time and they have their own territory, it can happen that the cohabitation escalates from time to time. In this case, it is better not to intervene and let them settle their conflicts, otherwise things will get worse. So, only intervene if you see the fight turn into a fight to the death, which is when the cats start biting each other on the neck.

1. Make some noise

The first thing to do is create a diversion to encourage your cats to stop fighting and run away. To do this, make a loud and sudden noise from a hidden place: clap your hands or a saucepan, for example.

2. Make a diversion

You can also try to distract them by throwing an object in their direction, such as a pillow or water (but not at them!). Be careful, however, to always remain hidden so that they do not associate you with the fight!

3. Separate the cats

Once your cats’ attention has been diverted and they have stopped biting and scratching each other, hurry to separate them in order to stop the fight for good. To do this, insert a large piece of cardboard between them, for example, to create a barrier. Then grab one by the scruff of the neck (be careful not to get attacked!) and place it in another room until things calm down.

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