Ways to Show Love to your Dog

Have you wondered if you are really able to show love to the dog?

Dogs are a key part of the family . They fill the house with joy and fun, with the things they do. Without forgetting that they are silent companions and ready to never abandon you. This exceptional pet lives to please his family members. And you? Have you wondered if you are really able to  show love to the dog ?

How to show love to your dog

Animals are not materialistic beings. Even if you cover your dog with toys and food, you will never be able to distract him from his most welcome reward: your affection,  which also means consideration. What they want most is a caress, a sweet word, a walk together and playing with you in the open air.

To show love to the dog, it is not necessary to spend money. Of course, a small sacrifice to offer him a high quality feed, a more comfortable bed and a more comfortable harness, never hurts. There are many other ways to tell your dog that you love him, but these 5 suggestions are probably the best.

1. A longer leash

Running is the most important and exciting time in a dog’s day. A quality walk, long and wide enough , will allow him to spend more time smelling and discovering the environment. In addition to marking the territory, leaving its smells in the corners it deems most suitable. In short, we are far from the simple 5-minute tour of the building, tugging at it with little respect.

If you hook the animal with a longer leash, your dog will feel freer and, when everything is under control, you can allow him some distance . In particular, we suggest you get one with an approximate length of two meters. A size large enough to keep the dog close and controlled, but which will allow him to move without pulling too often.

Forget those extensible, which break, are inefficient and moreover dangerous. Choosing a longer leash will allow you to  walk smoothly and manage your dog as safely as possible , without frustrating his instinctive desire for discovery.

2. Give him better quality food

Food, over time, can become boring and excessively cheap food is often harmful to health. As the saying goes, “we are what we eat” and poor quality food will surely not benefit the health of your four-legged friend. Not only will it lack a lot of nutrients, most of all it will have an unpleasant taste.

If you want to show love to your dog, one of the things to do is definitely improve its nutrition . In pet shops you will always find various price levels, related to quality: high, medium and low range. We certainly don’t want to push you to always buy the most expensive product, but try to choose those with the greatest amount of meat, without additives or dyes and that provide the right amount of vitamins and minerals. You will have a stronger, healthier dog with a resilient immune system.

Alternatively, it may be a good idea to supplement your dog’s diet with natural foods. Or you can cook some cakes for him. We have often told you about tasty dog recipes that you can easily prepare at home. Your four-legged friend will be eternally grateful to you!

3. Play with his nose

The most important sense in dogs is the sense of smell. However, given that we humans need little, sometimes we consider it irrelevant and we tend to forget about it. When you walk your dog, he should smell whatever he wants. This is a basic necessity and, on the other hand, the nose is an organ that you can use in many other games.

Toys based on sniffing and finding are a lot of fun for dogs. They help them relax and release  accumulated stress , making them feel happier. Interactive toys are based on this sense, with the advantage that you will always be able to invent new pastimes. This is an excellent way to show love to your dog as you will be spending a lot more time together.

Let’s look at a simple example. Prepare small pieces of food (your friend’s favorite), such as cheese, sausage, raw ham or even a dog biscuit . Spread them all over the house, inviting the little dog to carry out this little  treasure hunt . He will enjoy sniffing and, moreover, it will delight his palate.

4. Say less “no”

When you shout “no!” to your friend with the tail, do not give any information to the unaware animal. The dog knows he has let you down in something, but not what you want him to do. One exercise that will make your pooch happier, and that will avoid a lot of frustration in the future, is learning not to say “no” too many times.

On the other hand, you can learn alternative strategies. How to give a positive order or prevent the dog from misbehaving. They are two of the most useful and will give excellent results. One of the most effective ways to show your dog that you love him is to stop correcting him and instead praise him when he does something right.

For example, if you don’t want the dog to get on the sofa, it is much more informative and friendly to say “Get out” rather than a dry and cold “No!” If you don’t want him to go rummaging in the garbage, close the garbage pail in a closet: you will avoid scolding him every time.

5. Go to class together to show love to the dog

The education of a dog is essential to ensure a  healthy coexistence . Of course, it takes time and even the expense is not always easy to deal with. The benefits, however, will be significant and will improve the bond that exists between dog and owner. One way to show your love to the pet is to go to class together. You will learn the various basic commands and then, gradually, you will be able to push yourself towards higher difficulty levels. Who knows: maybe soon you will be able to participate in some agility dog competition !

During these obedience training classes, we recommend that you refer to a dog trainer who harnesses positive reinforcement . In short, an educator capable of working without punishment or violence. Thanks to the lever of rewards, your dog will learn more quickly, without trauma and the commands will be memorized better, since they will be associated with something pleasant.

Dogs are an integral part of the family . They keep us company, protect us, play with our children and stand next to us whenever they understand that something is wrong. The least you can do, as responsible and loving hosts, is to give them back that enormous affection that they silently show every day.

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