Cat allergic to people: causes, symptoms and treatments

Did you know that the cat can be allergic to people? It is a rare pathology, which can be easily cured. Let’s see causes, symptoms and therapies.

Cat allergies can be triggered by several causes: fleas, foods in its diet, allergens in the environment in which it lives. Decidedly less common, however, is the cat allergic to people. Let’s find out how this pathology manifests itself, what is its impact on the quality of life of the feline and what we can do to cure it.

Causes of allergy to people in the cat

First of all, do not panic: this pathology is not among the most common allergies in cats. For those who love animals and want the good of their four-legged friend, in fact, it is not easy to think that you are the cause of their malaise.

In fact, it is a rather rare disease, which can be caused by the use of certain lotions, such as creams, aftershave and soaps. In this case, the responsibility falls on the artificial chemicals, contained within these products.

But that’s not all. In fact, to trigger the abnormal immune reaction in the cat allergic to people could be the allergens present on flakes of dead skin, hair and human hair.

Symptoms and alarm bells

Although feline charm is steeped in mystery, these adorable animals make no effort to hide their cravings to indulge humans. If the cat tends to avoid you, however, it may not be just because it does not consider you up to its consideration.

In fact, one of the first ways to tell if your cat is allergic to people is to notice her attitude. Does the cat tend to stay away from you? Investigate the presence of some spies, which indicate the possible manifestation of the disease.

The most frequent symptom of this particular type of allergy is the appearance of miliary dermatitis of the cat. It involves hair loss in the head and neck areas, as well as the presence of blisters.

In fact, by interacting with the offending allergen, the immune system produces antibodies that release certain chemicals. Hence, the appearance of itching, urticaria and rashes on the skin.

How to cure: therapies and drugs

Of course, to ascertain that the cat is allergic to people will require a thorough visit to the veterinarian. First, the professional will have to exclude the presence of other allergies, more common in felines.

Among them, for example, a hypersensitivity to flea bites. First of all, therefore, an antiparasitic treatment will be carried out on the cat. In the event that the symptomatology persists, the presence of a possible food allergy will be taken into account.

To do this, the veterinarian will make some variations in the diet of the animal, excluding one at a time various foods. In this way, we will try to identify the nutrient to which the cat is particularly sensitive.

What to do, once it is established that the cat is allergic to people? Don’t worry, you won’t have to give up the precious company of your cat. On the contrary, it will be enough to resort to simple medicines.

In fact, drugs are available on the market that contain small doses of a substance similar to the allergen responsible for the cat’s malaise. By subjecting the feline to this care, its body will gradually get used to the substance that triggers its disorder.

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