Are Persian Cats friendly with other People?

There are cats that jump into guests’ laps as soon as they see a new person.


The Persian cat is sociable. He is interested in everything around him:

  • things
  • animals
  • the people

The Persian cat is not taken aback by novelty, it easily adapts to  changes .

Depending on his upbringing, he will more or less develop this tendency. If you never see anyone and your Persian cat only sees you, he will be less sociable than if he is used to being confronted with human company.

You can teach him to welcome your  guests  : you flatter him when he gets up when someone arrives.

Your guests will be delighted to be received in this way and will flatter them in turn. Your Persian cat will be very affected by it.

In the future, as soon as he hears the doorbell, he will rush at  your heels . Be careful that your guests do not leave the door to the street open: you never know!

Be careful that no one steps on the  cat’s tail  because the Persian cat loves its tail, it is precious to him, it is part of his wardrobe.


This may please some and displease others. If your guest suffers from asthma , if he is allergic to cat hair, this will bother him, because the Persian cat scatters his hair all over the place, even if you brush him regularly and efficiently.

In general, the Persian cat is to be kept away from phobics and allergies. He is  the cat  in all the  splendor of the word .

Those who are afraid of cats or who feel reluctance to pet them will steer clear of the Persian cat.

Its small face buried in its immense and vaporous collar threatens them. They do not feel at ease with the Persian cat.


When your guests get up, pet your Persian cat who won’t miss an opportunity to be admired, he will also get up and accompany your friends to the door.

Ask your friends to reward him with a  kind word  and  a hug . Your Persian cat will be convinced that parties are a wonderful time.

Watch out for farewells in front of the open doors! And  watch out for the queue  ! If someone stepped recklessly on your cat’s tail; he would no longer have the same favorable impression about your receptions.

He will forgive one  mistake  but not two although he usually does not hold a grudge.

Your friends may want to take your Persian cat on their lap to:

  • caress him
  • pamper him
  • play dolls with him

Their intentions are good, but you also have to consider the person concerned. Although he likes to be touched, he is not as tolerant of your guests as he is of you.

Be attentive, know how to interpret certain signs:

  • slight rumble
  • ears back
  • faster tail beat


Don’t hold him back when you see these signs of impatience because he may scratch you, or  bite you  if he’s been  declawed .

Your friends don’t know him as well as you do, or they may just be distracted and not realize your Persian cat is starting to get upset.

It’s up to you to see to it, as intelligent as he is, your Persian cat is still only an animal.

It can be unpleasant to have to turn your house into  an emergency clinic  and distribute bandages instead of cookies.

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