Adopting a dog: what should you ask yourself?

Adopting a dog is one of the noblest acts that exist. Despite this,  adoption is a very serious subject to reflect on. Before making this decision, we will tell you all the aspects you need to consider.

Adopting a dog: what should you ask yourself?

Before adopting a dog, you need to ask yourself a few questions to know if it will be the right choice.

Why do you want an animal?

Those who like animals should not confuse this love with the responsibility of having one. There are those people who adopt a dog on impulse after seeing a breed they like,  or simply to please their children. Making a decision based on these two reasons is not appropriate for either you or the pet.

If you have not thought about the responsibilities involved in caring for a dog , it is likely that, over time, you will end up getting tired of them. The idea of ​​abandonment, a problem that unfortunately cannot be eliminated, must not come to your mind even for a moment.

Remember that a dog is not a stuffed animal, and that it can live for more than 15 years. If you think you can take care of an animal, do it! If you are not sure yet, take some time to reflect.

Will you have time to devote to it?

In the case of a dog, in order to be healthy and happy, he will need a lot of attention. In addition to his daily walks to relieve himself, he will need to exercise, play and spend time with you. In practice, he will have to feel loved . If you are away from home all day, and when you come back in the evening you don’t want to do anything, give up the idea of ​​adopting a dog. Perhaps another animal will be more suitable for you.

Will you be able to afford the costs of having a dog?

Let’s not turn around, taking care of a dog costs money . You must provide him with everything he needs: a kennel, a bowl for water and one for food, toys, a collar, a leash, etc. From the first month you have to have him vaccinated and put the microchip on him. What are we trying to tell you? That everything has a cost.

Are you ready to get used to the idea of ​​sharing your home with someone else?

The moment you adopt a dog, your home will become his too. Above all,  if you get a puppy, be prepared for the fact that it will ruin your furniture, destroy your shoes, and do its business around the house. If you manage not to get angry, you will be ready to live with an animal.

Are you sure you can keep a dog where you live?

This is a very important aspect to consider before adopting a dog. In some condominiums it is not allowed to have animals. If you live in a rented house, the owner may not want it. Find out before making this decision. Also, all family members will need to agree.

What if you go on vacation?

A dog will stay with you for many years, so keep in mind that if you travel a lot,  you need to think of a place to leave your pet and take care of it. It is true that there are shelters, but sometimes some dogs may not adapt well and have problems.

Adopting a dog is neither a game nor a passing whim. It is about having a partner for many years,  so you have to consider the pros and cons before making this decision, which must be responsible. Dogs have feelings and are unconditionally loyal to their owners, which is why you owe them your loyalty .

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