Things to know before adopting an adult dog

If you have the desire to expand your family by adopting and welcoming a new pet into your home , you are surely thinking of a puppy. They are tender and likeable, but they can come with a number of difficulties. Conversely, adopting an adult dog is a very rewarding experience full of benefits , as we will see in this article.

The responsibilities of adopting an adult dog

We must never forget that adopting a dog, whether puppy or adult (or old), involves a great responsibility. In fact, we are talking about a living being who can give a lot to the family, but who has very specific needs and requirements. An adult dog needs as much love as a puppy, and maybe even more, since we don’t know where it came from or what it might have suffered before it ended up under your own roof .

The character

The first step that must precede adoption concerns safety. In fact, it is not advisable to adopt an animal in a superficial way, without asking for information in person. Once you have gone to the shelter or kennel, you will first have to ask if the chosen dog is dominant or submissive . Also, let me tell you if he gets along with other dogs or cats and how is his relationship with children. Having raised the dog, the managers of the animal shelter will be able to give you precise indications. And, of course, they will guide you in adopting the most suitable specimen for you .

How to train adult dogs?

An adult dog, especially if it was raised on the street or in a kennel, has likely had incomplete or inadequate socialization . This is why it will take time and patience from the new owners. In fact, you will have to train him, to make him overcome any trauma and regain confidence in the human being.

Many times this type of training is previously carried out in the same centers, in order to  favor adoption and reintegration into families . No one will ever entrust you with a dog that is problematic, overly aggressive or that could pose a danger to you and your family.

The advantages of adopting an adult dog

It is wonderful to adopt a puppy, to see how your children react by discovering the surprise. These are  adorable animals , to cuddle, small and very sweet. But, before you praise yourself for such a young animal, remember that these little dogs are often the expression of a  trade that it is better not to encourage . Buying a puppy is wrong because the exploiters are earned and, above all, because the world is full of dogs eager for love.

The first advantage of adopting dogs later in life is the space they will occupy in your home. An adult dog has already reached its optimal size and weight , so there will be no surprises. Sometimes a puppy is adopted which, when it grows up, becomes unsustainable to keep at home. This is one of the causes of abandonment . So, a mature four-legged friend is better.

If we talk about coexistence , then, keep in mind that puppies are more curious and destructive. Furniture, carpets, sofas… It will take months, years, before they learn to respect your things. On the contrary, a dog of a certain age  knows its limits and will certainly be more inclined to obey you.

Third point in favor of adult dogs:  the economic expense . While, for a puppy, you will have to bear all the necessary expenses of the case (vaccinations,  chips , baby food and special food, intensive medical visits …), by adopting an already large dog you can benefit both in terms of money and time. Dog kennels and shelters will always give you animals with everything already done and in order. In fact, before taking him to the new home, they will often offer you a complete veterinary visit .

Finally, among the many benefits that you can have, there is certainly  gratitude . We are talking about loyalty, love, affection and gratitude from your new four-legged friend. Often, adult dogs that are adopted have very hard experiences behind them. Abuse, abandonment, illness, in short, bad experiences caused by heartless people. Welcome an adult dog into your home, show him some love and he will know how to reciprocate you in a surprising way, for every day that you will be together.

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