Adopting a Lykoi cat: character, lifestyle, needs and ideal owner

Adopting a Lykoi, everything you need to know for a peaceful coexistence and who is his ideal owner. Let’s find out together.

Christine Auverdin Boulanger, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

You are close to adopting a Lykoi and you are wondering if it is the most suitable cat breed for your lifestyle, if it can get along well with you and the rest of your family members.

Whether it is an active cat or a lazy cat. These and many other questions that we will try to answer to determine if the Lykoi is the cat for you.

Adopting a Lykoi: character and ideal owner

In order to determine if a cat breed is the right one for you, the first step is to find out about the character of the animal.

Before adopting a Lykoi it is therefore necessary to become aware of its nature and tendentially its character in contact with man.

In order to have a healthy and long coexistence with our new pet it is necessary that the cat and owner are well in tune and basically put his well-being first but without forgetting ours.

At this point it is essential to know the character of the cat you are about to adopt, so being the Lykoi we can say that it is a cat with a strong instinct for hunting mice and other unloved animals, but it is not only this.

The Lykoi goes from hunter to a sweet and quiet companion animal, therefore tending to be docile and affectionate, able to adapt without problems to other cats or dogs in the house.

Although its appearance can inspire a certain fear in people, the wolf cat, so nicknamed, is a cat with a normal character.

A sociable animal that loves company, especially that of its human friend and becomes very attached to its family.

This cat is ideal for living in an apartment, has no problems being alone and does not cause any damage in the house. His ideal owner is a quiet person who loves to move and play.

This way of being makes it an excellent cat for beginners as well as being an excellent playmate for children.

Lykoi lifestyle and needs

We just have to know the lifestyle and needs of the Lykoi, as to understand if it is the right cat breed for us it is not enough to know the character alone.

His is a way of life as we previously mentioned is based on hunting and adventures.

He loves the outdoors and wandering in the garden, he loves to spend his days outside, and when he is at home, it is necessary to offer him the opportunity to let off steam.

Therefore, it is advisable to get him a scratching post, some high shelves to climb and some toys, everything you need to entertain him and burn calories.

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