What do you need to know before adopting a puppy?

When important holidays, like Christmas , are approaching , many people decide to add a new member to their family: a puppy dog. However,  this is a decision that needs to be pondered. You have to know what you are getting into.

When adopting a puppy it is assumed that he will live with his new owners forever, and with any luck he could stay with them for 12-15 years, so that is a  very important commitment. For this, follow these tips before getting a dog:

Analyze your daily life before adopting a puppy

With the arrival of a dog, your life will change. Many people adopt or buy a puppy, and then are surprised if it cries, barks or bites and breaks objects. If you adopt a puppy you must be aware that your routine will change.

Living with a dog has both advantages and disadvantages. Also,  although puppies still don’t go out on the street, they are animals that need a lot of time and attention  due to their young age. Therefore, before adopting one, you need to know if you will have 4 or 5 hours a day to dedicate to it.

Of course, even as adults they will need care, and you also have to take them for walks, which is a healthy habit for owners as well.

Do you have time to dedicate to it? How many hours will the dog spend alone in the house? If you can’t take care of it, it  may be best to let it go.

Where to get a puppy?

If you have decided to take a puppy dog , you have two options: buy or adopt. The general advice, unless you want a particular breed, is to adopt. There are many dogs looking for a home to live in.

Find out about the places where you can get one,  look for shelters in your area, find out what kind of animals they have, the conditions of the structure and try to understand what the adoption process is.

A responsible association should tell you where the dog you have decided to adopt comes from, what its health is and what responsibilities you have to take when you bring a puppy home. For example:  how many vaccines will he have to do, which pesticides do you have to give him and if you have to sterilize him in the future.

In case you want to buy a puppy, contact only a professional breeder. He must allow you to get to know the dog’s parents and siblings, as well as make you visit the facility. If you want to get in touch with people who have already bought a puppy from this kennel, they shouldn’t stop you from doing so.

What kind of puppy?

Sometimes it is difficult to know how big a puppy will be. As for purebred dogs, this is easier to predict than in mestizos. Before adopting a dog, find out about the animal’s genes.

In the case of mestizos, sometimes you have to be guided by intuition and if you have any doubts, which is very likely due to the crosses between different dogs, consult a veterinarian or canine educator.

Knowing a little more about a puppy’s genes will allow you to find out how much it will grow and its approximate weight,  as well as what kinds of diseases it might suffer from, including behavior problems. Only in this way can you be sure that you are about to choose a suitable companion for you.

Each race has a different character, behaviors and even health problems,  and these elements can also inherit them. For example, Terriers tend to have strong temperaments and bark a lot. A mixed breed Terrier has a high chance of receiving these two characteristics.

Raising a puppy

Puppies are like babies when you bring them home. A dog is considered a puppy up to 7 months of age, and a teenager up to two years old.

Find out what kind of education you will need to give and how to do it. Consider that traditional methods, such as scolding him or making him rub his nose at his needs if he does them indoors, are no longer used, and could cause him problems as an adult.

Read some books on dog education and training, they might help you. Additionally, there are many canine educators who train puppies.

Prepare the house for the arrival of a puppy

Before bringing a dog into the house, adapt it to its needs. In addition, the whole family must agree on the rules to be given to him.

Protect all objects that it could bite or break to prevent accidents. Buy him some toys, a kennel, etc. Decide where he will sleep and eat.

Try to get him accustomed to the environment easily,  but keep in mind that he is a puppy, so it may take a while to understand how to behave. Try to be patient, educate him with respect and without hurting him,  and you will both be happy for many years.

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