6 ways to defend yourself against an aggressive cat

Most of the time, cats are real balls of love – and fur – that bring us happiness and comfort on a daily basis. But it can happen that they lean towards the dark side of the feline force and show us a less sympathetic side. Whether you know cats or not, what are the actions to adopt to stay out of reach of their claws? 

1. Take precautions

This is especially true if you want to approach a cat you don’t know – though our dear felines rarely hesitate to stick their claws out. If of course you have no other choice but to be in contact with this cat (to take care of it for example), do not skimp on the protections. Long and thick gloves, boots … Everything is good to protect the areas of the body that are likely to be strained.

2. Do not force contact

Obviously, when contact with the cat is not compulsory, it is still best not to try anything … Otherwise to locate the clues and try to find the cause of this aggressiveness, whether it is sudden or not. The main thing is to keep in mind that an angry cat needs calm. At the slightest sign of anger (growls, ears sticking back), leave them alone to show them that you are not a threat to them.

3. Isolate it to allow them to calm down

Cats may be aggressive in reaction to what they perceive as a threat to their territory, or to themselves. In many cases, therefore, the cat can feel oppressed and translate its fear into hostile behaviour. In this case, the best is therefore to allow them to recharge its batteries on its own, in peace. If possible, isolate them in a room and see if it relaxes. But don’t get in its way if he prefers to go out!

4. Trick to distract them

As with children, it is possible to distract the cats’ attention with a little sleight of hand! This is the ideal technique to defuse a tense situation – if the cat is of course receptive. To do this, it is a question of taking a toy (a string, a blanket, a soft toy, etc.) to make them forget the element that stresses them.

5. Don’t struggle 

If by chance the feline is faster than you and decides to switch to lightning attack mode, there is no point in struggling when your fingers or forearms are already trapped by its fangs or claws. Although it may seem completely counter-intuitive, struggling may increase your grip. By resisting, you behave like a prey, and he loves it. Rather calmly wait for them to release the pressure and gently pull away.

6. Avoid infections

Sometimes we can’t escape a cat’s claws and fangs. In any case, there is no point in getting angry with them at the risk of increasing its stress rate – and its aggressiveness. On the other hand, systematically disinfect wounds ! Cats are very clean animals, but that doesn’t prevent them from carrying some bacteria, especially through their teeth.

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