5 things you should never do to your dog

Dogs are animals that deserve respect and love. That’s why there are some things you absolutely can’t do to him.

Dogs are, without a doubt, the animals that offer the most love without asking for anything in return, and they deserve the respect, care, and love they need from their owners. This is why it is important that, in addition to caresses, as a master you try to ensure the health, nutrition and general well-being of the dog. And that also means finding out what are the things you shouldn’t do to your dog.

5 things you shouldn’t do to your dog

1. Blame him hours after his misbehavior

Aggressive and unfounded reproaches are among the attitudes to be absolutely avoided. If you scold the dog hours after his misbehavior, your dog will interpret it as an unmotivated aggressive attitude. And this will cause stress , fear and anxiety in the animal .

Also, you should keep in mind that many of the dog’s negative behaviors stem from the physical and emotional abuse he has experienced in his life. That is why we must respond to your request for attention in a timely and loving manner. Teaching him not to repeat the negative behavior, but always in a way that he can understand and respect it. 

2. Abandon or lock up the dog

 a form of suffering unworthy for any dog.

Likewise, a cruel behavior to avoid at all costs is to lock your dog in a cage or room. Dogs are noble and sensitive animals that require space to develop their canine intelligence.

3. Physically punish the dog

pain in an animal generates only anger and aggression in it .

Excessive yelling, hitting, and punishing are forms of emotional humiliation for any dog. The only thing that can be achieved with physical and psychological violence is to encourage negative dog behavior. 

A frightened dog can turn into a violent animal

Furthermore, here is a message for those who see an acquaintance or a loved one being violent against animals: know that violence against animals is often the prelude to violence against people , and must be a wake-up call.

4. Humanize it

try in every way to humanize its animal qualities.

  • If you humanize him , you forget that the dog is an animal and, in this way, you unconsciously ask him for human behaviors , as if he were a child.
  • The dog suffers because he will not be able to express himself in a natural and free way.
  • He will not be able to respect the needs of his body and his animal intelligence. 

see the dog as a human being

5. deprive him of social life

medium-term damage to his emotional, social and cognitive abilities .

Training is the key

If you want to avoid serious mistakes with your dog, learning to be a good owner is essential. If you cover his basic needs and allow him to carry out the activities typical of his species, you will guarantee him well-being and happiness.

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