How to tell if your cat is intelligent: 5 signs that never fail!

Cats are not used for rescuing people or detecting drugs. But does that really mean they’re less intelligent than dogs? Absolutely not. In reality, they just have different skills. Especially since their brain contains twice as many neurons as our canine friends! If you want to test your cat’s intelligence, here’s what you need to look out for.

1. Its sociability

If your cat comes towards you when you call them, if it greets you when you get home or if it knows that the way to be petted is to lie down next to you on the sofa, it is is that his social abilities are rather high. And that’s a sure sign of intelligence.

2. Its ability to fend for themselves

A cat’s intelligence is also measured by its ability to fend for itself and take care of itself, especially in the event of a survival situation.

So, if your cat is particularly independent and you don’t need to leave food supplies and a clean litter box when you go on weekends, that means its smarter than most.

3. Its memory

Cats also have good memories. Indeed, they are able to remember many things, especially thanks to their highly developed sense of smell. Thus, most of the time, it is enough for them to smell the scent of a known person to reactivate their memories and recognize it.

It is thanks to this good memory that your cat notices the slightest change in its environment. Indeed, our feline friends enjoy their daily routine and hate having to eat at a different time than usual or see a guest arrive.

So, to know if your cat is intelligent, you just have to observe it. If it remembers what time you give them its meal or even a treat, its pretty smart.

To make sure, hide a few of its favourite kibbles under a pillow while it watches you. Then wait to see if it remembers what you did and if it starts looking for the kibble.

4. Its learning abilities

Contrary to popular belief, cats are also capable of learning tricks and obeying orders. Only, they are motivated solely by the reward, which is usually a treat. Indeed, unlike dogs, a pat on the head is not sufficient motivation to progress.

Take your cat’s favourite treat and try to teach them a few tricks , such as “give the paw” or “sit”. If it accomplishes the tasks without complaint, it is because it is endowed with a superior intelligence.

5. Its ability to express his emotions

If your cat is the type to interact with you, communicate its emotions , notice the slightest change in the house and share its displeasure with you, this is a sign of intelligence!

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