Why does your cat like to sit on things you use?

As soon as you open a book, turn on your computer or even scatter papers on the table, your cat inevitably comes to lie down or sit there. Like it doesn’t want you to worry about anything but them. But is it really a constant need for attention? Not so sure…

1. It seeks warmth

If your cat tends to settle on your laptop as soon as you start working, it’s not to bother you. In reality, your device is a source of heat. However, our feline friends like to sleep on warm surfaces. The reason? This allows them to maintain their body temperature at a high level while sleeping.

2. It marks his territory

If your cat likes to rub against your computer screen or any other object you are using, it is primarily to mark its territory. Indeed, the cat is a territorial animal that needs to leave its pheromones, and therefore its smell, everywhere in order to feel safe in its environment. This is also why it rubs their head or body against your legs!

3. It wants your attention

If your cat always lies down on THE book you’re reading, it’s not because it likes the smell of paper. Indeed, cats can be somewhat possessive when it comes to their human. Not to mention the fact that they particularly like to be the center of attention

However, when you react, whether by chasing your cat from your desk, talking to them or petting them, it reinforces this behavior and encourages them to repeat it later. Indeed, your cat has understood that by acting in this way, it managed to attract your attention, whether in a negative or positive way.

4. It is intrigued

The noise you make when you tap keys on your keyboard or the light emitted by your computer screen can intrigue your cat. Driven by curiosity, it is therefore not surprising that it comes to see what it is all about. And if it likes the texture of your keyboard, it won’t hesitate to settle down there to take their nap.

How do I get them to leave me alone? 

If you really need to work or really want to read without being disturbed by the somewhat intrusive presence of your cat, there are solutions. For example, you can install a cardboard box next to you. Thus, your cat can sit comfortably there to take a nap while keeping an eye on you. It can also work with a nice warm blanket.

In addition, be sure to always reward your furball when it prefers to settle in the place you have arranged for it rather than on your computer or your book. For this, use encouragement and caresses at will and a few treats.

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